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Sacred Reviews: D is for Dungeon

I'm a bit surprised I never posted this here previously. I did this review back when the 2014 Indie Game Maker contest was in the voting stage. So, yeah this is yet another old video review that has been hanging around on my youtube channel for sometime now. And, as I mentioned previously this review is based on the contest version of the game. As such I'm going to refrain from giving a review score on the grounds that the game has been updated since. So, this review is a bit out of date to say the least.

Regardless, I did have some fun with the contest version of the game, but it was definitely in need of some tweaking in terms of combat. The main problem with the combat system is that it placed so much emphasis on speed that the other stats became insignificant in comparison.

Even so the game definitely got a chuckle out of me for the concept alone. Who would ever expect an infant to be the savior of the world?