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Lost & Found is a short horror game. The main character is a 5-year-old boy named Peter, who lives with his grandmother in a lonely cabin, his only pasttime being studying nature and observing a grey rabbit that lives under his window. Peter's life has always been monotone, but safe. But when he finds clues to the reason of his parents' death, he sets off in a horrific adventure in the world outside his home. And all along, the destiny of the familiar rabbit is connected to his decisions...

This short game is estimated to take about 10 or 15 minutes to play, with two alternate endings and some side mysteries apart from the main plot.

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  • Completed
  • AmandaJackson
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 06/30/2014 08:11 AM
  • 10/16/2023 02:18 PM
  • 08/12/2013
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short, but nice game.

Most short horror games are usually doomed to failure for two reasons: first, the action takes place in a single setting, where the player goes crazy opening and closing drawers, moving things and going around and around in circles. The second is even worse, and that is to repeat the first step to get the 35 possible endings. Honestly, it's a pain in the ass.

However, this little shit game is great. It lasts very little time, there are a variety of scenarios, only a couple of endings and best of all, it hooks you to keep playing. The beginning of the game can get a bit boring (because you think that everything is going to unfold in the cabin), but then you discover that it does not, and that you have to explore. I loved that.

On the other hand ... there is not much sense in the story. The questions pile up. Who is actually the grandmother? Why did she do what she did? What does the rabbit have to do with all this? And why are the endings the way they are? The satisfaction at the end of the game comes more from having taken the 2 endings quickly than from the story itself. Also, are we sure a 5-year-old kid can do all of that?

E.T.A.: nearly 30'

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I am sorry that someone on the stream tries to profit out of your game. https://store.steampowered.com/app/955770/Lost_and_Found_RPG/

This has been going for a while, sadly. Steam is refusing to do anything about it unless the original developers speak up, and since the developers of most games this asshole stole haven’t been around for years, the games have been up for months now. People have been trying to get in contact with the developers, but sadly no one’s had much luck.
Thank you for your comments and for playing the game.
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Hi, I'm sorry but is there any hints as to the second one? I've played it many times but always end up with the ending where Peter goes to the asylum. The grandpa in the tent led me to the same ending. I also went for a block by block search but can't find any other ways to open the hollowed floor. Also don't know what the bucket of water was supposed to be for.
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OK well I played this, got both endings, and I can only say...what? I have no idea what this was about, and the difference between the asylum and the nursery is a gatorade? Not quite sure what you were hoping to achieve here but for me, at least, you missed the mark. Good use of sound effects, and the opening title animation was lovely but a coherent story was missing. The fact you took it from a story you wrote means you know what is behind the actions of the characters, but you didn't successfully transfer that knowledge to the player.

Thank you for your comments and for playing the game.
I really liked this game even though its short and mostly made with default. The Main menu is great, very well use of events and sounds.
I tried to investigate more but i couldnt get to that hidden chest ;)and the second ending :( Or was only for that the old man in the tent?

I ONLY have to say that you should take more care with the message texts that gets cropped.
Apart from that I can say way to go!
Nice game, played id about 4 times and still ends with just one ending. I will keep trying to get second one. But for me it is not scary or horrific.
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