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Null Regrets v1.01 - The Bugfix(ish) Update

  • STS
  • 08/11/2014 08:17 AM

Null Regrets has been updated to address several outstanding bugs in the game's code. Most importantly, thanks to various modifications to certain battles, the game should now be possible to complete without any crashes encountering impossible-to-surpass crashes; unfortunately, the cause of the bug is still unknown, and it can still occur. In addition, several other minor fixes and revisions have been made. To view the full changelog, click the button below. (NOTE: Spoilers within.)

8/10/2014 - v1.01: The Bugfix(ish) Update
- To address the unexpectedly widespread bug which caused the game to spontaneously crash after a long period of time in battle, the following has been changed:
--- The Stage 2 Boss now has a 32-turn limit. This limit is telegraphed by the boss's 'ellipses' actions. Please adjust your strategies accordingly.
--- The Final Boss has been split into three parts. LF, WP, and status effects are now reset between each part, and the difficulty of each form has been changed as thus:
----- Form 1: No changes.
----- Form 2: All three enemies' LF has been reduced from 40 to 30.
------- "I" will now become much stronger on turn 31. Please try to defeat it before then.
------- "D"'s AGG has been lowered to 10 from 12.
------- "C"'s SUP has been lowered to 12 from 16.
----- Form 3: The third form has been made more difficult:
------- LF has been increased to 100 from 60.
------- AGG has been increased to 16 from 12.
------- Poison damage has been increased to 15% of Max LF from 10%.
------- A certain skill is now used more often.
----- Form 4: No changes. This form is not intended to have any challenge.
--- Please note that the above changes have not directly addressed the bug; as such, it might still occur. However, the above modifications make encountering the bug highly unlikely, at least on my end.
- The Diligence glitch has been addressed. Suit will now gain 2 DIL upon defeating an enemy, regardless of whether or not it had Focus.
- The normal encounters in the final stage have been adjusted to be easier to outwit after running away from battle with them.
--- On-map stun duration increased to 3 seconds from 2.
--- Enemies can now be passed through while stunned.
- The stat booster can now be toggled on and off.
- Removed Mithran's Graphical Global Object Reference script due to lack of necessity.
- Previously MP3 BGMs have been converted into Ogg format.
- An attempt at explaining mind zombies has been made, for better or worse.
- Several portions of the longer ending's dialogue have been edited, for better or worse. The changes are not particularly significant.
- A pun has been added.

EDIT 8/14/2014: - Forgot to mention that the Burn effect for 'Wake Up!' also works properly now.

You can obtain this new version in files with and without RTP on the Downloads page. Previous save files appear to transfer over, but I won't guarantee anything on that front. Caveat: I'm the only person to have tested this version as of this posting; however, I have done so extensively without any many issues. Nonetheless, I'm also having my main playtester go through it tomorrow afternoon, so please feel free to wait until then for the go-ahead.

With that all said, I again sincerely apologize to all previous players who had encountered the bugs in the game; thank you all for your patience. Of course, if there are still any issues, please be sure to contact me.

EDIT: After another test it appears the bug occurs even with the breaks in battle. However, reloading a save appears to reset the amount of time it takes for the game to crash, and the updated version of the game adds the ability to continue at later phases of the final boss, so it's still manageable. I'll continue to try to find the source of the bug, but I can't guarantee anything at this point. This is so frustrating, I swear.

EDIT 2: Unfortunately my main playtester ended up being busy, but other players have reported being able to finish the whole game as well, albeit with minor but surmountable problems. This will probably be as good as it gets until I figure out the source of the crash bug.