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And light was made...

I can't really explain all my feelings right now... So I'll just calm down and act natural. It's Treason 89 monthly review. Even when this probably will be a september's special issue.

Just allow me a couple of moments to explain this before getting into the review. You can entirely skip the following paragraph if you want and start at the "Review" title.
I usually tend to review unrated games, because I think every game deserve at least some attention. If the game is bad I won't review it because even 0.5 score will increase Makerscore. On the other hand I'll only review already rated games if I think more attention should be put on them. Who am I to say that, just another RMN fellow. Excuse me if I put all that just to say that this game is SO AWESOME that I felt the urge to review it even when it has 4.5 average rating.


Story (4/5):
The story is very nice, simple and clean. It's narrative is very good as you really get attached to Niko, the main character, really quick. Other characters have also their own soul, ones more than others. A lot of stuff isn't told, as the bulb origin, Niko's world (even when suggested) and many other things. That... in some way made me feel a bit empty, as if the game was just a showcase for outstanding abilities. This is just my taste but, the endings are both so sad and happy at the same time. This reminds me AIR TV ending... It's the same bag of mixed bittersweet feelings.

Graphics (5/5):
Graphics are not made of the latest most awesome resources, but they are homemade and fit perfectly in Oneshot world. All the characters have memorable charas, which are very original. The dice-lady reminded me Vinnie Veritas and I feel familiar with the art style. So, even being original I felt in a very welcoming world. The mapping is good sized and the locations really transmit feelings, a feature rarely seen out there even in AAA games.
I have to add that NightMargin drawings for cutscenes are also very nice and aesthetic. The taste of the developers is truly evident to the eyes.

Music (5/5):
Also an original score. It is powerful, it's style is suitable for the game and is more to give an atmosphere than anything else. A very well managed resource.

Gameplay (6/5):
This is where the game breaks everything (even the score in my own review). The object interaction concept is an already known one, but here it's handled with artistry. Saying anything else here would be spoil the experience but I'll say the main ideas. It's obvious that this game was developed by a pro, a person with a little more than "normal RM2k3" skills. The game breaks a lot the 4th wall and will sometimes freak out the player. The idea of "all your actions have irreversible consequences" is very nice, but looking at it, the game don't have really any decision you want to reverse, except probably closing the game (I did it for curiosity and even after that I could finish the game) and just A decision, the famous decision in which you have only one shot. I'm glad I managed to overcome a game that can overcome my own PC, so that I could see ALL the gameplay as much as I wanted.

Summary (5/5):
A very powerful game. It will awaken your emotions and fears in a time as little as hour and a half. At the same time, graphics and music will make the experience delightful. A really inspiring game that, I recklessly neglected first, but after a review I saw I couldn't resist to see what was behind of that cute cat-boy. I hope this review does exactly the same, so that more people play this game as this title should be a MUST PLAY.

I can't help feeling sad, and I can't help to feel the game had a great story just used as a excuse to showcase the developers skills. But even if that was the case, this program would still be a wonderful masterpiece. Kudos on Mathew and NightMargin as a new light was made... a light that will only give you one shot.