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The fearsome Dimensionals have invaded Earth and are gaining the upper hand. As a Centurion Elite soldier, you must get in your favorite ship and take to the skies, driving the alien scum from your planet and all the way back to their home.

EUA is an arcade style side-scrolling shooter, reminiscent of the good ol' days in the Arcade, but with updated comic-book style graphics. Go out for a nice flight in multiple unlockable ships, upgrade each one to your heart's desire, and blast those Dimensionals right out of the air! Travel through three different levels in story mode, or run the combat simulation in Survival mode and see how long you can survive!

- Normal Mode
This is the standard game mode. Whilst playing, you will travel between areas to complete various challenges, such as defeating hordes of enemies within a certain time. During this game mode you will encounter various enemies, each offering their own challenge you must overcome.
- Hardcore / Survival Mode
In this mode, you can play any level previously completed (level 1 is always unlocked). You have access to all technology previously unlocked as well - so you can fully customize your ship for the occasion.
You will have to face waves of enemies, each wave much smarter and more powerful than the last.

The mechanics of Earth Under Attack is what sets it apart from games of a similar setting. If you like games that require strategical thinking then you're in luck. Below is a selection of information on the various statistics within the game.
- Flight
Flying an advanced spacecraft is not an easy thing. There are many various aspects you must consider, such as the speed you are moving and the current level of gravity to name a few.
- Damage
When damage is dealt, a 'base value' is put through various formulas to gain a 'damage value'. The aforementioned formulas provide diversity based on the current condition of your ship. To put it simply - if your ship is in poor condition, is becomes harder to recover.
- Power-ups
At random points throughout gameplay, you will encounter 'power-ups'. If you can collect one of these, it will trigger an automatic 'buff' effect. For example, you would get an instant (temporary) boost to one / more of your stats. Only the rarest power-ups will change your weapon / fire type / fire rate - even then, it will not be a permanent enhancement.

- Enemy AI
Each enemy you encounter has an array of possible AI settings. Needless to say, some will be more intelligent than others. Some of the harder enemies may even use the same technology as you.

Latest Blog

Update #1, July 2nd, 2014

Update today, all major bugs fixed. As with before, make sure to report any bugs you find.

Fatal Errors Fixed ::
Survival Mode Crash
Sound File Crash

Bugs Fixed ::
Save Files Recognised.
Can Complete Level 2 + 3.

Enhanced Features ::
AI Logic
^- Difficulty
^- Enhancements
^- Level
^- Movement
Damage Calculation Logic
Survival Mode
^- 'GameOver' processing (now keeps saved data for high score)
^- Scoring information
^- HUD
Bullet SFX
AI Setting Differences
  • Completed
  • hyde9318
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Shooter
  • 07/01/2014 12:26 AM
  • 07/10/2014 12:13 AM
  • 06/30/2014
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So as I came here, I'm going to criticise your game.

Not about the game play mechanism, but about the storyline.

It will take some times, so be prepared of this!

P.S What's storyline for the just shoot-em-up games? Well, to be honest, it's important on nowadays.
Well, as a warning, we don't have a storyline in the game as of right now. However, not to spoil much about future updates, but we do plan on having some story for the campaign mode. Now that the contest is over, we do plan on having quite a few updates, each adding in new things that will make the game more appealing and fun. Make sure to check out future updates!
Okay then, I'll check the future updates!
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