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It seems that you just bought a new farm. Congratulations! It’s located right next to a town whose people fled from a group of bandits. Bring them back by assuming your place in the capitalism world and buying stuff to help you buy more stuff! What a round business!

The Farming One is a fast paced farming simulation game, with barely any farming or simulation at all. While starting with an eternally growing patch of radishes that you can harvest over and over again, you’ll get enough money to buy more crops, hire assistants, acquire tools and investing in the maintenance of the town, making it flourish with people again.

Soon enough, you’ll be chopping for lumber, fishing, mining, participating into festivals, going into business ventures, purchasing animals, getting married, and more! If that sounds pretty standard, consider that you can do all that within minutes. You’ll go from rich to poor and back in a blink of an eye!

But beware. Bandits have taken a liking to your business, and will hunt you down. How long are you going to take their bullying?

The Farming One takes the idea of Harvest Moon and mixes it with an incremental nature found in games like Little Inferno and A Dark Room, where buying stuff eventually gives you money to buy more stuff. There are so many activities to do while you wait for your money to pile!

• A farming system so fast and baffling that it will hook you.
• You can play the game as either a boy or a girl. Neither gender locks any feature of the game!
• Leave the farming to someone else! Go explore the town while your assistants do your work. But you’ll have to hire them first.
• While farming nets you money, go fish, chop trees, mine ores, talk with the people, and so on.
• Participate in the shortest festivals you've ever seen. Why would you? To get unique items and experiences, of course! There’s also money to be found, yes?
• Mining will give you money and ores, which can unlock special stuff.
• You can get skulls and keys at the festival. But what are these for? I wonder…
• It wouldn't be a pseudo-farming simulator without marriage, right? But the girls are gone, so you’ll have to make them come back!
• Why bother with remembering who likes what? The gift shop person knows them well, so you’ll always get the best gift. Guaranteed!
• Full your house with furniture, including a television and a computer, which you can ALSO use for money!

Created, Developed & Presented by Whales And Games

Development Team:
  • Game Design, Event Programmer and Level Design - JorgeGameDev (Twitter)
  • Game Design and Character Graphic Artist - The 'Moski (Twitter)

Special Thanks:
  • RPG Maker VX ACE Copyright© 2012 ENTERBRAIN, INC./YOJI OJIMA, Distributed by: Degica
  • RPG Maker XP Copyright© 2005 ENTERBRAIN, INC./YOJI OJIMA, Distributed by: Degica
  • Rural Tiles Copyright© 2014 ENTERBRAIN, INC; Artist Celianna.
  • Game Character Creator Hub 2.0. Copyright © 2012-2014 Sébastien Bini
  • Logo Font - Lucé Avérous's TrashHand
  • Ingame Text - Liberation Sans
  • Erics's "Total Time Played" Script v1.2
  • Yanfly's Engine Ace - Parallax Lock v1.00
  • Yanfly's Engine Ace - Ace Message System v1.05
  • Seer UK's Fixed Pictures v1.2

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  • 07/01/2014 07:02 PM
  • 07/12/2018 07:21 AM
  • 06/27/2014
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can I make a playthrough of this?
It looks so great c:
This was probably my favorite game from the Indie Game Maker 2014 contest. I am surprised you didn't win anything.

Did you guys ever expand this game?
I seem to have found a bug.
I got a computer before I ever talked to the psychologist. One of the times I used the computer, I bought one of the books online. However later in the game, I should have all 4 books but I only have 3 in my inventory and when I talk to the psychologist she keeps telling me that I should buy it from the internet. I assume it's because I did things "out of order".

So I'm stuck.
Holy Crap! Since when did we become a buzzing game all of a sudden?! Curious for this to happen one year after we made it, but I guess that stuff in the internet goes out of Buzz all of a sudden.

First off, I have to thank for all your support. We've been a bit disconnected from the whole RPG Maker community for a while, although we did check our Notices periodically, so it was a surprise to come in and see 20 all of a sudden.

I believe I should answer some of the questions as well:

  • @Korokonee - Playthroughs of the game are fine. I don't get why some developers would be against this, but the more playing and watching the game, the merrier isn't it? :P
  • @ILoveMeSomeGame - Sadly, somewhat parted ways last year. Not as in stopped contacting each other, I still annoy him everyday. We just went in different directions. He started doing commissions with his art recently meanwhile I started learning more stuff related to Game Development (Unity, 3DS Max, ...). We did think about it in the following weeks after the contest, but never really picked it up.
  • @Bohoy - That's not really a bug. Maybe we weren't so clear at the time, but you are supposed to check in the mailbox. :P

I will be reading the reviews now. Thanks again!
Thanks for clarifying. I feel really stupid now! :D
Married the deity. Have 1 zillion gold. 10/10 would play again.
Are you going to make a The Farming Two?
We are considering it. Deciding whether or not we're going to work on it will take like 2 months of discussions and 5 different PDFs.

Now really, we seeing some stuff and deciding what's the best. We are deciding if we keep using the same RPG Maker engine or if we start considering using other tools, as well as deciding how we are going to manage assets. One thing is for sure, the core mechanics would stay the same. :P
It'd be cool if there was some kind of Rain God living over the town. The Rain God hasn't been receiving offerings lately at her shrine, so the town enters a drought. To appease the Rain God, you need to grow a beanstalk which you could use as a ladder to negotiate with the Rain God. Just throwing that idea out there :)
This game cracks me up. I just started it and I'm having a blast.

10/10 already and gonna play again once it is over most likely c:

You've got talent. I hope to see more from you!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
This was surprisingly entertaining.
multiple endings,smooth gameplay
no battles
some fun characters
custom art for important characters!
great mapping!

i highly recommend this!


outside of cutoff text in some areas
the mineral guy is supposed to upgrade your pickaxe for 8 copper but he doesn't do it.but he did it when i asked him later for some odd reason

also the harvestium ore obtained in the box at the bandit camp is actually a harvestium pickaxe

*Deeply Thinking*
This game is seriously so underrated. It's such a good game!
I did a video of the infamous bandit ending

How do I give the kappa the gold? Also can I marry the kappa?
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