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The world
The lands of the Radiant Seals are filled with magic, both wondrous and horrifying. Millennia ago humans shared the over world with powerful God-like creatures. Until man grew fearful of their neighbor's powers. In the war that followed man found a way to seal these great creatures with magic sygils. First they captured the strongest of the God-like and locked them in seals, scattering them to the four winds. Then, driving the weaker, leaderless creatures below the surface they sealed the monsters away, placing powerful seals to draw magic from them and distribute it amongst the surface world.

The Story
Alex and Sheri are siblings that attend the Magic Academy in Iraina. Living normal, chipper lives with their friends. Until the magic seals between the worlds start to break, and they're thrown into the world on a quest to prevent the God-like from escaping the Depths.

The Characters
A young adept at the Magic Academy he is brash, absent minded and stoutly loyal. Equal parts creative and lazy he created his own magic system that binds spells to swords, but will always try to find the easiest way out of a situation.
A Magistrate-in-training at the Magic Academy, Alex's older sister, and the happy core of the group. Sheri lives for the next adventure and always looks for the good and exciting in life. She practices the aligning of her Chakras to cast her spells.
Top of his class, the Caster Bryan is Alex's best friend and an over achiever. He hates being told he can't do something and will push himself to accomplish anything. Though he can often have a short temper.
The quiet Head Guard at the Magic Academy, he is very much a loner and a man of few words. Constantly running from his past he will do anything to uphold the law and the righteous. He refuses to go back to his old way of life.
The dramatic adventurer, treasure hunter and alchemist he travels the world looking for the next big ticket item to sell. His history is wrapped in mystery being as it's hard to decipher what is truth and what is a fabrication.

The Features
-Play 5 unique characters, each with their own unique way of battling and learning skills!
-Explore a complex world with varied characters, both silly and serious, look at everything to find secrets and hidden messages.
-Use the in depth Bond system to grow closer to your characters and learn their backstories. Grow truly close and unlock special items, quests and cutscenes!
-Learn a nuanced battle system where exploiting enemies' weaknesses are the key to winning battles.
-Solve puzzles, from the simple "push this here" to complex dungeons.
-Find the Radiant Seals and equip them to your characters to learn powerful spells and harness the God-like Creatures!

The Credits
to come!!!!

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