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A few players have requested general tips, so here they are (please feel free to add questions in the comments, I will add the answers here)

The (cheapest) Gameplay Tutorial

Ending tips:

There are four good endings and one bad:

- The bad one can be reached by either exhausting your time or losing all your opponent's empathy, causing her to cut you short (all too literally).

- The three emotional exit statements are on the periphery. Instead of rushing them, you should be sure to fulfill their conditions first (messages will pop to warn you when you're halfway there and when the exit statement is unlocked), else you might get stuck one hair away from the goal.

- The Logician ending can be reached by convincing your opponent to let you go through pure deduction, remaining close to the center but exploring all three directions in your arguments. (Don't forget to check your opponent's opinions regularly by clicking on her portrait to see if you are making progress. Once her opinion on the initial node is more than 2/3 white, you have won.)

General tips:

- Attacks on your opponent (decreasing her face or her territory) also lead to a loss of empathy. If you want to reach the low-territory ending without angering her, it is advisable to first collect a little bit of empathy.

- Once you have explored the map a little and know where you want to go, leave yourself secondary pathways to get there, in case you advance too fast and find yourself stuck. The most direct path is rarely the best one.

Complete walkthrough for the Logician Ending

Fast track: This is a save file right before the ending. Copy to the /game/game/ subfolder where saves are located, then start the game and load the save called walkthrough. You just have t claim the node "Freedom and selfishness". That is a slightly underwhelming argument to end with (I prefer to finsh with The center cannot hold), but it's the minimal path to the ending.

The walkthrough:

Part 1:

This ending is obtained by convincing the Hero of the validity of all three starting arguments, which will thus prove that she should let the Villain leave.

The top two are quite easy, ad she knows both of them are true, deep inside.

Start from the top left, then progress clockwise selecting these nodes

The bottom one is harder - she really has trouble believing you are playing a greater role ;)
Notice that one of the nodes that help for "You need me" also feeds back into "The world needs me"

Part 2

To get the bottom one "The world needs me", you will need to activate the two positive (white) links that enter it, and deactivate the negative (red) one.

Activating the white ones is rather simple: one is shared with the "You need me" quadrant; the other one requires to convince her that heroes are bound by their history.

Deactivating the red one will require to go all the way down, and use the nodes of the 'goose foot' pattern, including "The center cannot hold" on the left, to undermine her conviction that there's no way the evil you've done could be useful.

And Voila - Victory!

PS: Don't trust everything that the Villain thinks about the Hero's level of belief. Most of it is right but she is occasionally too optimistic or pessimistic. (unfortunately her mistakes are random so I cannot help you; I might revise that someday, it will definitely be avoided in future games as I think it's an error on my part)


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oh hey, I didn't know you should shut down retorts like that...That makes things much easier.

Edit:I misunderstood :\
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