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Sacred Reviews: Beyond Reality

Yep, this is yet another video review I did back when the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest was going on. And, yet again I never submitted it to the site previously for points. As you can imagine anything resembling a script for this review has long since been deleted. So, I guess I'll leave a few comments about what I remember about this game.

For starters I remember this game being an odd fusion of reality bending, magic, and technology. So, much so that I was hoping for a longer version of this game to help clear everything up. As it stands the game was a bit confusing in the contest version. And, as far as I'm aware the developer never sent me a message about having finished this game. And, I was looking forward to playing a longer version.

On the combat side of things I remember the game being a bit weak. Albeit, I invested a lot of time into grinding like I usually do for most games only to be informed by the developer later that it shouldn't have been necessary. So that complaint can probably be taken with a bit of salt.


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Well there is a finished version out, and its been sold on steam and is much more complete. I finished it, and enjoyed it here is the steam page : http://store.steampowered.com/app/428100/
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