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If the pen is mightier than the sword, the mouth is mightier yet!

One-Sentence Story: In a society where having the last word means having power over others, a small party is disrupted by a gentleman who politely issues orders via one-way intercom.

Genre: JRPG

Description: Photographer Whitty Gawship attends a prestigious get-together at the residence of the impressive Professor Chet Chatters. Members of the party are veteran conversationalists, each trying to gain subtle power over one-another. The mood shifts when Whitty and the others discover that the professor can get the last word in every conversation via his miraculous invention. Dastardly!

But what are the professor's motives? And why invite a commoner?

Last Word is an unconventional JRPG. Battle sophisticated guests using words as weapons. Collect topics by gossiping to unlock mysteries. Drink wine. The night is young and no one can leave until the devious Professor Chatters says so! Can Whitty and Seymour overcome the power of the professor's amazing machine? Or will they succumb to the saucy banter of the motley aristocrats around them? Don't hesitate in getting the Last Word.

Last Word was created in 30 days for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014. It is currently free to play, but, one day, in the distant future, it may be enhanced and made to sell. Any and all downloads from this page are and will continue to be separate from the potential, horrifying capitalistic future.

Check out LAST WORD here! I hope you like it!


- Unique battle system! Fight with the subtle nuances of conversation.
- Custom art and music! Experience a custom look and feel.
- Vocal SFX! Each character has their own awe-inducing sound. Listen to the quality of that throat clearing!
- Key Topic System! Gather gossip and use them like keys... for treasure!?
- Engaging storytelling! Get whisked away by a narrative brimming with character! And fun!
- Bow Ties! Learn skills and equip them using snazzy Bow Tie Points!

This game was submitted to the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014. The game is complete and playable. However, some screenshots may be slightly out of date--only in the minor details. One of these has a typo, and I think another is missing a fireplace or something...

Latest Blog

Last Word Itch.IO Release

Hey, folks!

I've put Last Word up on Itch.IO for those who prefer to download the game in non-Steam-related scenarios! Long overdue!

As an added perk, I've dropped the price a couple bucks, too. Just a heads up!

  • Completed
  • Merlandese
  • RPG Maker XP
  • RPG
  • 07/06/2014 07:41 PM
  • 06/16/2020 11:33 PM
  • 06/30/2014
  • 146761
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always up for cute art and spicy gay romance
I have to agree with Marrend that the battle system confused me as well. (In fact I'm still not sure I fully understand how the tone part worked.) An option to re-read how it worked would have been nice.(Unless there was one and I just totally missed it).

Overall the atmosphere of this game was superb, it reminded me a bit of a Clue game. The premise was also interesting and I enjoyed finding out each characters views on things using gossip.
Congrats on Featured Game!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Congrats on Featured Game!

About time, too.
the original sinn
very interesting game design!

While i am enthralled by the minimalistic artstyle myself, let me know if you need any extra hand for polish!

i'd love to be a part of this project in my free time, or even better, in some alternate horrifying capitalistic opportunities of this game.
Wowzers! I leave to go camping for a weekend and when I come back there's a feature! Amazing! Thanks, everyone!

I'll keep you in mind for testing, Sinnelius. :) I'm trying to work up some builds sooner than later, but the horrifying, capitalistic future comes upon us! The commercial upgrade for this is closer to finished than not.
Hey, I wanted to ask before I spend a lot of time grinding, is it possible to

defeat Chatters when he calls you back after you get Prattles to throw the wine?
Yes, but there's just a fourth wall joke and the game carries on as normal.
I would recommend it, the joke is quite funny. Supposedly it's also possible to beat Prattle in the opening cutscene, but I gave up on that one.
Well, it's technically possible. And if you do it, there's text in store. But you're pretty much doomed to lose, so it's not worth the shot. I only placed the alt text in the off chance the AI allowed your victory.
Jack of Most Trades
Looks AMAZING, for some reason when I double click the .exe file, it opens the RGSS window then closes. I'm running Windows 7 and I have the RPG XP RTP installed. The files that were extracted are as follows:

I'd love to play this game >.< Not sure why this isn't working, am I missing any files?
I have no idea what the problem is there. It looks like you have everything you need.

Is it possibly a DEP exceptions issue?
Jack of Most Trades
I have no idea what that is, and am amazed that you could pinpoint the issue, and after a Google search, managed to add RGSS player to the "allowed list"...

Question is, weird as to how this is a problem in the first place o.o (your game isn't trying to... do anything, yes? xD) But thank you very much!
Yo Merlandese, a while ago gourd and I ran across this game and decided to play/record it.

Here's a link to the first episode If you're interested in seeing our reactions to things in the game although I will say this is one of my favorite RMN games I've played so far.
Wow, thanks so much! I listened to quite a bit of it, skipping around here and there to selfishly obtain feedback from certain areas, but I probably listened for an hour and a half to a lot of it.

You both sounded like you were having a lot of fun, which is, as the elderly might say, wicked killer. It was refreshing. I loved the Lady Batman material and how useless McCall was. And Poop Servant! XD It was a good time. Thanks for playing through!
In anticipation of the commercial release, here's a TVTropes page by yours truly to get it known to a few more people.
Oh, hooray! I'm glad I'm not the only one publicizing RPG Maker games. I used to have a lot of fun with it, but TV Tropes banned me for some reason, so I can't do that anymore. (Maybe I had too much fun with it?)

I'm surprised you didn't mention that there's an Easter egg for winning the hopeless boss fight against Chatters! You also left in an errant bracket under "Last Name Basis".

You should probably credit the developer, though.
On it. And

What exactly was the easter egg? I tend to be quite thorough when playing games on here (as reflected in my reviews) but I didn't really think anything would change if you beat Chatters the first time.

And also, when were you banned? If it was before last year, there's a good chance of appealing it, as the site now has two new admins who seem to be more forgiving than Fast Eddie (not that I care either way, since I never use the forums and my interactions with staff are kept to a minimum due to temporal constraints.) Anyway, RMK games certainly need all the help they can get on TVT.

Level grind like a fiend so you can see it yourself! It's a little thing but I think it's pretty funny. It doesn't change the story, but there are a few additional lines of dialogue afterwards. Supposedly there's a similar one if you beat Prattle in the intro, but I haven't managed to see that one.

I was banned less than a year ago. If I recall correctly it was while I was polishing the Fleuret Blanc page (there's a reference to Last Word there, by the way, you should probably link it), which was last November. I'm not very clear on the appeals process; the message mentioned I could do something about it, but I was so frustrated by the administration and their mercurial nonsense rules that I didn't want to bother. If there's been a changing of the guard it might be worth it, but it might also be in my best interest to step back a little. TV Tropes does kind of consume your life.
Meighth is upon us! Last Word is now on Steam. :)

Thanks for all of the support!

Congrats for getting on Steam!

You know, as much as the new portraits are nice, I much much much preferred the other ones because they not only gave you the ability to imagine the characters how you wanted them to look but also made you pay attention to what they were saying in order to learn more about them that you couldn't just by looking at them. You went in knowing nothing bar their gender and identifier and formed your own idea of how they looked. Really wish you'd stuck with that instead of listening to whoever told you to make actual portraits. They were wrong. :/

That aside, I'll buy this when I have some money in the kitty. Always happy to support a fellow game dev! ^.^)b

Good luck!