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Last Word Steam Release

Last Word is done baking. It is being cooled so we can all eat it without burning our mouths. Yay!

The art alone renders you speechless.

There have been a lot of changes since the contest version. Whitty's an alien from the planet Ord, and Seymour, as Earth's Envoy of Linguistic Multitude, must welcome Whitty in her own language while minimizing the damage she incurs via her miraculous Death Mouth. Banter still serves wine.

But seriously, the game is coming along great and I'm super proud (a cardinal sin!). Last Word should release on Steam May 8th, 2015! At a discount: 20% off! That's (approaching) infinitely more than people paid for the contest version, but it's also (approaching) infinitely more incrediblity! That's a word now!

Boasting is no less fat in the new version.

I'll try to keep the site updated: Twelve Tiles - Last Word

May 8th! Or, Meigtth!


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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
If only I were rich enough, I would get the Last Word. But I can't, because they won't let me! As such, I will have to be shoved to the sidelines to watch and give moral support, which is not really support at all but instead thinking positive thoughts in your direction, which doesn't affect your bank account balance whatsoever. Nevertheless, I am excited and elated, delighted and inflated. I'm invited to the awaited, reignited underrated, game that is dated, on May the Eightheth.

All the very best!
Great, I wish you luck! And I like most of the art, too; the only issue is that General Sandhoff looks way too young and pretty for her position, especially compared to the portly outline in the original.
Hm. Will the game be exclusive to Steam, or can we get the download (and the discount) from somewhere else? I honestly don't remember if I even have a Steam account anymore...
Haha that's amazing, congrats!
May the 8th be with you~
the original sinn
hah, I'm not so good of a tester than i am a reviewer..

I love this game and that blinded me.
the balancing issue and story plot holes are still permissible...
Looking forward so tha tthis game is expanded!
"wait you made this a career?"
Looking forward too it all the expanding and polishing is sounding and looking really great! Also as much as I loved the just colored characters the detailed portraits look amazing!
I really loved the original game,but it was lacking in content and the combat felt repetitive,so I really I hoped the paid version keep us more engaging.Also are you planning to sell the game anywhere else other than steam,cause I don't really shop at Steam.
Thanks for the good words, guys! As far as downloading from something other than Steam, that'll be the case. But we have a Steam-driven PC scene right now, so Steam is the priority. Other avenues will hopefully open up soon after. :)

But if you're really interested in just paying for a version that isn't attached to a portal of some sort, go ahead and PM me or email me at merlandese@gmail.com and I'll be more than happy to figure something out for you, or just keep you updated when possible.

@NTC3: Yeah, I feel like Sandhoff has had the most dramatic change in appearance from her silhouette impression, even if Prattle has filled out differently as well. She works well in the game, though, and I think that matters. She really adds to the atmosphere with her personality. Plus, I think she has a vaguely Asian heritage, which might explain her cleaner aging...? :P
The characters definitely are a lot thinner than they were in the contest version. That's probably fine on its own, but it'll take a bit of mental adjustment after being so used to the silhouettes.

(What does being Asian have to do with aging nicely...?)
(What does being Asian have to do with aging nicely...?)
A healthy mix of environmental factors, social propensities and genetics. 4-Si4n telomerase, activated by the Gw1Yo M1 gene on the X chromosome, which is why this effect is especially pronounced for females, although it does not help much once telomeres are too degraded.

The more you know *

* The more you seem to think science jokes are funny, somehow.
the original sinn
Just finished the game for the second time! Still haven't solved all the secrets...

Can't wait to review it!

I have a few inklings of bugs and errors that appeared in this latest version, but nevertheless, this is a great game!
Hell yeah! This game deserves to be on Steam. Go capitalism! I'm loving the character portraits.
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