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I can't stay on non-carpet!

Our Hero: Origins is a hack 'n' slash game made by Ste for the IGMC 2014 event. That means fast reflexes and button mashing are more or less a requirement. So, let's get this started.

After the (rather impressive) title sequence, you are given a chance to choose your difficulty. With the differences of each level explained briefly, but sufficiently beneath a cute graphic.

And right when the game starts itself, you are brought straight into the hero's dream. There, he is in a fight with no other than his sworn nemesis: Mr. Sock. What I noticed first is the default rtp graphics mixed in with custom graphics, creating a nice and light-hearted setting. But for me, majority of the maps are somewhat cluttered. Well at the least, that's better than having three screens of green right?

The fight starts, and I seem to be having a hard time landing a hit; without getting hit myself. I thought that maybe I was just not used to the mechanics of the game yet, so I just went on. There was no HP bar to keep watch of yet, anyway.

"No! Mr. Sock! Stahp!"

After defeating Mr. Sock and his minions, the hero wakes up to a strange noise. Curious, he sets of to its source. And the music starts. Like with the rest of the game, the music was lively and catchy. Something anout the fusion of percussions that made it quite enjoyable for the ears. The other tracks in other areas were good as well, and all were custom made for the game.

Some of the things I like in this game are its nicely made HUD, and the generally helpful popups. Now with these, I fond out that I lost some HP after that dream fight. Luckily there was a barrel nearby, containing a Bottle. The popup informs me that the Bottle is to be filled with Water, and I can use it to restore my health. Great, non-consumable potions! Afterwards, another popup informs me about a game feature: checkpoints. These allow me to go back to these areas if I lose all my HP, but at a cost. I lose 5 percent of my coins if I use a checkpoint.

I move to the next map, and a few more features are introduced. One, being jumping. So over holes and spikes I hopped, collecting these odd glowing orbs that give me +1 ESP as I went. No explanation was given until the next map, where 'Collectibles' were explained thoroughly.

After that, I get access to the menu. It has a well-made interface and was rather organised. There: I can check my current objective, See my stats, My items, Upgrades, and the like.

The entirety of the game is all about completing certain objectives given to you by people you meet along the way. Each objective unlocks the next, and so on. With each successive task introducing new cool features like wall running, special skills in battle, and such; and integrating features introduced in the previous task. None are too hard to understand, and the build up of difficulty is not steep, so you'll never feel stumped by the game.

Wall Running?! Awesoooooome!!!

The hero finds himself in a pinch after returning a crystal he found in the forest to the King. Turns out, it was the Teorhemas Crystal, which is said to be the sign of the end of the world. With no other choice, the King renames the farmer "Ourhero", and declares that he save the world from this mess. And so, off the valiant "Ourhero" went in a quest to save the world.

W-Wait... So your embarrassing guards stole the crystal???

Issues? Here's some I encountered.

As I have already noted in the starting parts of the game, the grammar was off in many places. But as it is stated that the developer is Italian, these were pretty forgivable.

There were several glitches too, and this one thing that annoyed me: that some of the rivers harm you instead of refill your bottle, and that there was no indication of such anywhere.

Another issue I had with the game is the randomly-changing weather. Though it was a nice touch, there are some areas where I can't see anything at all because the tint is too dark. But that may just be me.

Lastly, attacking is rather clunky. I've discovered that even after mastering the mechanics, I still find it hard to attack unharmed. I also keep forgetting that I have to hold the direction button to attack.

*smiles subtly*

The thing I liked the most about this game is its humour. The game sets off in a light mood, and stays in that mood all through out. It never goes overboard, and I find that rather impressive. Well done, on this aspect.

As my final verdict, Our Hero! is a well-constructed game that will never cease to put you in a light mood. With its fast-paced action, upbeat music, and solid build, this is one good game.

So if you're up for a treat, fire this up and be Our Hero!

The completionist in me squeals in glee!


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Sunflower Games
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Wow! This thing has 4 reviews now. Still can't believe the download count on this is so low.
^^I know right?

This game deserves more attention than it is getting now...
Thank you very much guys! The download total count is arrived to 630 (of which 185 from rpgmaker.net!), so I love you everybody! *-*
I'm working on a new project now!
The game is Eden Glosbe and you can already find it on my website in Italian for now, but I started to dedicate to the english translation right now, so soon I'll publish it here too! :)
Thank you very much for your support, see you soon!

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