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Darkness Ascension is a Action RPG created for Rpgmaker Vx Ace. The game was done in just 22 days to participate in the Indie Game Contest 2014.You play as Halbert Halfgrand, who is trying to escape from a deep, unknown dungeon.

Story of Darkness Ascension

Halbert Halfgrand was the heir to a legendary dynasty. Wanting to be a priest, he abandoned his noble birth, his inheritance, and was disowned in the process by his angry father. However, he found a renewed purpose in the abbey. In his studies, he learned of a being that proclaimed itself the God of Darkness. He started to obsess over it, and took it upon himself to feel the beast, and it's servants.

He soon became one of the Knights Templar, a Sword of God that punishes the wicked. He served under their banner for years, hunting down witches and torturing those even vaguely suspected of using the dark arts. Then, he received a missive that his father had passed away.

He took a leave of absence to visit him, but soon found that the guards were to to imprison him on sight. While he may have denied himself his family's legacy, and was disowned, he was furious. He fought hard, but was ultimately defeated.

After several days in prison, he was visited by a hooded man that spoke words of hope. The dagger was concealed, but, Halbert overcame his opponent. The time had come to escape.




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Subbed playing it right now but im stuck on the prison boss infront of the door that said he will have my head how do i beat him i keep slashing but he just doesn't die
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