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The Merchant's Tale is a exploration/adventure story laced with game elements that are not entirely vital to the game play. It is my very first game, as well.

Features a beautiful OST by Trass featuring songs such as the opening theme!

A drifting merchant who goes by the name of Toimaru travels all the land to unreasonably sell his goods and is never seen again after doing so. He seals his true identity with a mask, nobody knowing or learning of who he really is; concealing a past that only he will ever know.

While doing his usual business, Toimaru has a run in with a self-proclaimed goddess known as Mao, who is running from and being hunted by officials, unsure of why due to memory loss.

Given the circumstances, he agrees to help escort her back to her shrine to seek answers as to why she’s in such a wanted predicament in the first place; With a price, of course.

☆ Custom graphics ☆
☆ Custom music ☆
☆ 1+ hour of gameplay ☆

Feel free to follow up on the Tumblr blog for various updates: http://merchantstale-project.tumblr.com/

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Whoa, this looks absolutely gorgeous!!!
it'd be nice if the game was being developed and not left to rot
I can't freakin' wait till this is finished!! So cuuuuute~
The art looked really pretty and the title grabbed my attention as well. I really hope to play this.
is this game still in developement or did it get cancelled?
i wish this game was still being made, its been over one year of hiatus <:(
It looks so pretty and interesting man. I can't wait to plaaaayyyy
Can't wait to play this! So cute! I loved the girl with white hair ;)
It looks amazing omg I can't wait to play it ; w ;
When is it going to be released ; w ; ??
Hey, how's the game going?

~Kat ❣
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