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In general:

Using technical terms, Dictionary might be described as a "light, story-driven, adventure-RPG". Using non-techincal terms, it is just the first RPG Maker game I managed to work on for more than a week without saying "Oh yes, that's been wonderful but I quit". I have been writing down different concepts starting from the first days of June and I started working on it about twenty days ago. It has been completely drawn by me, even though I am using a few RTP animations. It is story-driven because, even though it has got combat in it, characters will talk quite a bit. If you don't like reading... well, I'm sorry. It has got a hack n' slashy combat system and I will tell more about it in the next steps. Last important thing, I enjoyed making it (even if the last few days of testing have been rather stressful) and I think that is all that matters.

The character:

The only main character is a little wizard called Merv who lives on a boring planet full of wizards. He's not human and his body is really weird. He's got no nose, but three brains and two hearts. He often uses his brains and while he does so, he always wonders why he doesn't know how to use his hearts instead.

The story:

Merv is bored. Really, really bored. He studies, then he studies, and in the end he studies again. But a plot twist is about to happen! One day he finds, while searching through his teacher's bookshelves a weird, moldy book, called "Dictionary of the things that do not exist in our world: a beginner's guide to acknowledge the unacknowledgeable". He starts reading it and discovers a lot of new words. One of them, and the one that strikes him the most, is the word "Art". Being so bored, he decides to use his teacher's portal and to teleport towards it. The question is, how is he supposed to teleport into an abstract word? Here's where the magic happens. The world of Art appears below his feet. There he will meet different characters taken from our art (books/paintings) and he will have to face the greatest threat that the new world he is about to discover has ever seen. Will he be able to stop it?


As I said, this is a story-driven game, but nevertheless it has got exploration and fighting scenes.
Merv moves pressing WASD or Arrow keys.
He interacts with other people/items pressing Left Mouse button or Enter.
He attacks in the same way, pressing Left Mouse button or Enter.
He is a wizard, so he casts spells. He can do so by pressing Right Mouse button. And he can scroll through spells pressing Q or Central Mouse button.
At the right time, in-game tutorial popups will... pop up, and explain what needs to be pressed and when.

If you enjoyed the game and feel like tossing an extra vote at the contest, THIS is the link you might want to click!

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This sounds mighty interesting. I like the concept, and the Souls reference would've gotten me if the rest didn't.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
A bored wizard and a narrative portal, sounds like fun, and I really like the hand-drawn style.
Lovely game. Review will be up soon.
Thank you, I am looking forward to it!
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