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Last Hour of Fairfield is a survival horror RPG. It's inspired by the likes of Resident Evil and Koudelka for the PS1. In it you choose one of five survivors to play as you venture through the Fairfield Medical Center in hopes to make it through the helicopter waiting for extraction. You have to race the clock however as you only have exactly one hour before a nuclear strike devastates the city. The clock ticks by continuously so you have to be sure to avoid enemies as much as possible, especially since supplies are scarce.
Each survivor will have a slightly unique story which interconnects with each other that will culminate in the final few minutes of the game. Will you be able to keep the survivors alive long enough to make it?

There are some light puzzle elements throughout as well as the default battle system( since I didn't have time to implement what I wanted in terms of a free battle system), although it is encouraged to avoid battles as much as necessary since you won't gain any XP and very little in the way of ammo and health pick ups.
Each survivor has their strengths and weaknesses and you'll be able to get through the game quicker depending on who you choose. Each one also has their own unique weapon and one ability( since again, I don't have enough time to add more) and you will need to choose when and if to use those abilities.

A week has passed since the first signs of a devastating plague decimated the city of Fairfield. The government was quick to enact a quarantine of the city in hopes of containing the outbreak which has been turning its citizens into the walking dead as well as other advanced forms of mutations.
The Military were immediately sent in to investigate, but were never heard from again. In the short weeks that followed, scientists were unable to discover the reasons for the plague and thus the government have decided to send in a nuclear strike in the hopes that it would wipe out all traces of this devastating virus.
Now, with only one hour until total nuclear devastation, a handful of survivors must find a way out of the city in time before it is too late...

The Survivors
US Military
Lost his unit in the initial outbreak, He now searches for survivors.
Special: Grenade - Damages all enemies.

After hearing an emergency broadcast about an impending nuclear strike, she desperately searches for her daughter and the way out.
Ability: Treat Wounds - Applies antibiotic cream and sterilize wounds.

She kept herself hidden in her office and now searches for a way out of the city.
Special: Tazer - Has a chance of immobilizing the target.

In search for his wife and daughter, he refuses to leave until he finds them.
Special: Torch - Uses compressed air and a lighter to burn your target.

An old alcoholic who would rather live the rest of his days hold up somewhere quiet with a nice cold one in his hands.
Special: Molotov Cocktail - Damages all enemies.

Zombie Survival Graphic Pack - (C), 2013 ENTERBRAIN, INC; Artist: Lunarea Publisher:DEGICA Co., LTD
Modern Day Tiles, Modern Shop, & Futuristic Tiles - Artists Lunaria & Celianna

INSPIRATIONAL VOL.1 - (C) 2013 JDB Artist/Composer/Musician-JDB Artist
Futuristic Atmospheres - Copyright](C) 2013 Joel Steudler
Soundbible.com - by RA The Sun God, Marianne Gagnon & Mike Koenig

Awesome Light Effects by Khas A. - http://arcthunder.blogspot.com/
One Actor Full Status Menu - Author: DoctorTodd
Picture Variables v2.0 - Created by Neon Black

Special Thanks - Celianna, Bishop Butters, The Prince of Sarcasm & Alkorri

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Well, Koudelka certainly is some nice influence. I'm not a huge fan of survival horror, but I will give this a go.
Thank you, I appreciate it. Yes, Koudelka was one of those forgotten gems that I don't think many people got to play. It was very atmospheric. If anyone still has their PS1 they should definitely go check it out, it's a very cool Survival Horror/RPG hybrid.
That's odd, I'll upload an RTP version in a few moments. Sorry about the inconvenience. If you don't wish to wait, than you can download it through the official contest site linked in the description. Just scroll down for the latest build.
I thought you're going to upload after the contest has been finished. :D
@hornetlick: The updated link should be ready, try it now.

@kartrsaint: Nah, since it's my first actual completed game I've been kind of excited to show it off, lol.
I've updated the download link with some minor improvements due to suggestions.

*Improved Brianna's Healing ability.
*Adjusted encounters slightly for each Survivor for balance( Now the Mutated Zombie in the Sub-Basement won't be as hard for Brianna).
*Added a few more light sources throughout the environments and adjusted the brightness in some rooms slightly.
*Made the light source of the lamp a bit brighter.
*Added the sparkle effect on a few important items to make them easier to spot.
*Removed a few broken glass tiles in some areas so you don't accidentally step on them.
Had some trouble extracting, but off we go.

With Chuck your ability hits 2 random enemies, not all enemies.

Also, when you turn off the pipes you can avoid the Zombie. If you do, some steam blocks you. I suppose that's intentional? But it would help to have some dialogue to indicate it.

Edit: Review will be written soon.
Chuck's ability is only suppose to hit 2 random enemies, it's intentional( I've changed the description to reflect this, my bad). I've changed it so activating the power will get rid of the steam blocking your path, which means you can avoid the mutated zombie if you're quick enough.
I see. Then it should say so in the description as well. But it's better this way anyhow for him.

The steam part does not work, it will not be resetted even if you active the power.
You need to go back and defeat the zombie to proceed.

It's a decent game, but it would've been better to concentrate on polishing the last area and plot rather than implementing multiple characters. Imho, at least.
Must've been a lot of work and lack of sleep.
Sorry, I meant to say that these fixes are coming on the next build. I'm also making some areas a bit lighter and adding in some more lighting so you can see better. It should be up within the hour.

Edit: Yeah, the plot was meant to be cliche and I had started with five survivors from the beginning. I was also a week and a half late in starting, lol. Really, I've only used maybe less than 1/3rd of the zombie pack to make this, which means that I can definitely improve on it greatly( I intend to do this after the contest is over).
Ah I see, alright.
Updated the download link once more with some minor fixes.

*Added extra lighting on the second floor.
*Gave hint as to what to do with the strange incense.
*In the sub-basement with all the steam, fixed it so that activating the power gets rid of the last steam, this way you can avoid the mutated zombie if you're quick enough.
*Fixed the description of the Molotov Cocktail to indicate that it hits 2 random enemies instead of all.

This would have been done a bit sooner, but my PC crashed on me, but no loss, lol.
Recording your awesome looking game, Valkill101. I hope I do it justice.
For the revival of the old ways of horror games.
You mean video? That would be awesome!
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