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While Ethan pays a visit to a foreign country, his better half, Angel, gets diagnosed with a serious brain tumor. When he returns and finds out, he is heartbroken when the doctor tells him Angel will slowly forget things about him and their relationship.

The only thing that can temporarily prevent her memory from fading are things that have to do with the young couple, such as photos, letters, videos and so on.
Ethan is determined to have Angel's memories retained as long as possible, and goes to great lengths to achieve this goal.

:The main character:
Ethan is the one you'll play as. He is very attached to his girlfriend Angel, in such a way you could call them meant to be. He would do anything for her.
While she doesn't get a lot of on-screen time, the game is really about Angel, and recovering her fading memories.

:In general:
This is my first RPG project I've ever made. Only the Prologue is done yet, but I'm working on the "Remembering" part and on the Epilogue.
This RPG is not a "fighting" style RPG. It's more about the story, so sometimes you can get a lot of text.
The prologue should take you about 20-30 minutes to complete (rough estimation).
I hope to complete the full game this year.

If you find bugs, grammatical incorrect sentences or other imperfections, please contact me. I posted this game because I want feedback.

In the extracted game map you'll also find a document called "Credits_READ_ME". I find it extremely important to point out that I am not the owner of most drawn characters, music and tilesets.
I only generated faces and characters, but I also searched on forums for other characters. If you consider yourself to be in the credits while you're not, and are sure that you deserve a place there, contact me.
I tried to put everyone from whom I've taken resources in the credits, but I could have forgotten someone.

In the extracted map is also a Walkthrough document. Please only use it if you are really stuck on the game.

Latest Blog

Update: 3 memories added

To give you a sneak peak of how the game will look like, I submitted an update with a slight more to do: you can now interact with Angel and give her (three) memories (after which you will "see" the memory).

Two memories are already in your possession, one can be found. (See Walkthrough)
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I.LOVE.THIS. its so heartwarming and sad and cute. but i did come across some bugs/glitchs

like if you go in the room with the sleeping girl and the dog. and go back out your teleported to the other side of the hospital,

and theres a room beside angels room somewhere that you can climb up the door and walk on the ceiling.
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