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This is a game recently completed by a friend. Due to his lack of an account here, I've taken it upon myself (with his consent) to host his game using my profile.

The game IS available for free, but it is possible to make a small donation to the creator if you're feeling generous and able to do so.

The description of the game, as found on its website:

This Action-Platformer is a fusion of 3d Hack-and-Slash style in a 2d Retro Platformer world!

After Compaz's planet is destroyed in a violent explosion, him and another member of his planet, the cautious and graceful Terra, end up stranded on a distant Moon.

In their search they encounter a varied band of characters from many worlds. They soon meet a mysterious stranger and a shadowy villain who drips with malice and jest.

Who destroyed their planet? Who is this mysterious stranger?

Destroy various evil denizens using a variety of special skills, attacks and weapons. Along with secret ones to unlock!

6 Challenging Worlds to Explore
Two Playable Characters
Six Unlockable Secret Weapons
Hidden Collectables
Three Advanced Skills to Learn


You can download THING: Compaz's Quest at the following website:

Latest Blog

Already a "Let's Play"?!

User "ShigGAMING" on Youtube has decided to do a Let's Play of THING: Compaz's Quest. If you want to get a good idea of what the game's all about, then I'd suggest giving it a view:


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Hey, I can't download it.

Error message:
<Error><Code>SignatureDoesNotMatch</Code><Message>The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your Google secret key and signing method.</Message><StringToSign>GET


This pops up when I try to download.
The creator told me that this happens sometimes, but that the download link is not broken. I actually just made an attempt myself and was successful; try again, and hopefully it works this time around.
I tried again, no luck.

I recommend uploading elsewhere.
Really? Strange. I've yet to encounter this error.

Oh well, I'll have to see about providing an alternate link once I get home!
Great! It's working now, thanks. I'll try it out.

(edit) Is there a non-fullscreen mode?
(edit 2) How do I move exactly? I can't seem to move with the keyboard, even though I selected it.
(edit 3) Nevermind, got controls working.

Ok. Why can't I shoot? I press C and nothing happens.
I can't use shoot or special.
The game was designed under the assumption that whoever played it would be using a controller compatible with their PC, which would result in a greater overall experience. However, there is no real "shoot" button, as Compaz attacks by slashing at enemies with his bottom point; X/Z did this for me.

I'm going to inquire and see if there's a way to change around the keyboard controls to something a little MORE user-friendly.
So I have to attack at melee range all the time? This makes the first boss 100% impossible.
Oh no, you can do a combo attack wherein you'll charge at the enemy, or shoot down depending on whether you're on the ground or in the air (and pressing the proper direction). The thing is, you have to hold the special button(?), the directional key, AND the attack button.

I'm going to check with my friend once's he's available tomorrow and see if he can produce a list of keyboard controls. I'm also going to see if we could make them more user-friendly.

Sorry I can't be of further assistance! I'm using a PS3/2 style controller while playing, so the keyboard commands are completely foreign to me.
Okay, I have several complaints here.

1. I still can't get special or shoot to work.

This is what I do: hold arrow key, hold X, press Z. It doesn't work. The controls menu is very inadequate.

The combo A Z is working (a rush), but none of the others.

2. Worldmap is not explained. I didn't know it was the worldmap at first and tried moving and couldn't (originally I thought it was a bug)

3. Escape insta quits the game. As someone who uses Escape for menu in every rpgmaker game ever, I frequently hit it out of habit. This results in an exit I don't want. Even an "Exit? Y/N" thing would fix it.
Hi Edge of Chaos.

Shooting and specials are not available from the start, they are unlocked throughout the campaign.

The reason you are having such trouble with the keyboard is the same reason I thought so hard about implementing it. Unless you have a mechanical keyboard ($80+) they can only support 2, sometimes 3 inputs at once.

Playing this game without the possibility of putting it 4 inputs at once would be simply an exercise in frustration.

I'm sorry that you aren't a fan of the world map. And the escape key will not be changing it's function unfortunately.
Ah, okay. I did not know that they get unlocked. Thanks.

My game freezes on the "You have beat the evil Sun" message. Is there any specific key I need to press here?
Hi again EdgeOfChaos

The list of controls in the readme may help, the keyboard button for progressing any cutscene/dialogue is Z.

I hope you have fun collecting gears!

Thanks for downloading and playing.
Yeah, I tried Z, my character just attacks and it doesn't advance.
After beating the sun, you say? I didn't experience any errors after defeating the boss. Have you tried perhaps quitting the game and killing him again? Usually the "Enter" key or dialogue progression button works for me.
Just looked at the code again, enter should do it as well, have you tried that key?
Enter brings up the "Continue/Exit World" menu. I can make a video if you guys want to see the bug in action.

(edit) Video of bug
He's attempting to solve your problem, but it's really stumping him. I don't even know what in the world could be causing it--it's just so random!
I will restart and try it again - but it may be a while, the escape key made me lose progress.

(edit) I just rushed through the earlier stages with Ds and got to sun, it did same behavior again upon beating it.
Hey EdgeofChaos,

Creator here again, I've whipped up a special version, just for you.

Give this download a try and use G to continue rather than Z or Enter just for that.

Let me know if it works.

You can load your existing file.

Awesome! That works, thanks!

How do I change specials? I tried 0 but it just shows the whip.
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