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Tooth is a horror RPG based on the fear of being at the dentist. You play the part of a young teen named "Lea Melbridge". Lea - up until now - had always been to the dentist with her mother. However, she has been told that she has to overcome her fear of the dentist. All goes well until she is put under anaesthesia. She finds herself in a dark building where things go horribly wrong.

To fit the 500 character limit, I'm just gonna put this crap here for now. I will eventually update the description!

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This is a pretty interesting idea. Not sure why we don't already have a 'horror at the dentist' themed already. :P

Anyways, I'm loking forward to this! It looks like it's worth checking out. ^^
Thanks. It's still in its birthing stages at the moment. Just attempting to get the character art done. :D

So far, I've already planned out 4/5 endings. :P
You're magical to me.
Looks promising! The character art is really cute :DDD
Interesting :) Looking forward to it~ ^^
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usually i don't care about the Ho genre but id be interested in this!
It's on hold for the moment, but here's some extra info:

-Not only is it a horror/survival game, it's also a search & rescue game.
-It's set in a bizarre sleepwalking-kinda theme, where letting people die in the dream world kills them in real-life.
-Different endings!
I need to visit the dentist monthly because of my braces, but I plan on playing the heck out of this game once the download button becomes available. :D
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