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Hall01 V1.2.0b Update!

After a long time... A new version has appeared!

*Fixed bug that made one of the Grabber Rooms impossible to escape
*Fixed bug that made Grave Hound Kill you after appearing 3 times INSTEAD of you seeing it 3 times
*Removed the ally Writing
*Shortened the hall's length from 200 Perches to 100 Perches
*One of the Grabber Room Riddles has a second way to answer
*Fixed glitch that allowed players to move into the wall after reaching the end
*Fixed bug that caused a null event after exiting Grabber Room, which caused the game to glitch badly

Currently working to fix these bugs

*Sprinting after Blue Lady disappears causes the screen to turn black and prevent player's progress
*Blue Lady does not function fully
*Planning new way to reach the "True End"


Hall01 V1.1.0b Update!

This update makes the game fully functional! This update was more focused on finishing the mechanics, however, there are other little things:

*New Grabber Room Riddles to figure out!
*Grabber has finally appeared! Watch out now!
*New atmosphere effect!

Also, if you are a YouTuber who does Let's Plays/Reviews/The Like, the only thing you need to do is tell us when you posted the video! You have complete right to record/talk about this game! We will post your video about the game (and perhaps gain a lil publicity in doing it!)

Have a Fun Day!


Hall01 V1.0.0b Update!

Huzzah! Now is time to list the improvements that this lil' game deserved!

*Added 11 new monsters
*New Screen dynamics
*Stamina System
*Font Change
*Official Credits
*Better Endings

*Phew* I worked hard at improving it, now its time to take a lil break and do... that stuff that schools give ya... (>*n*)> better get on that...

Oh! And please message/comment to me if there are any bugs! There are bound to be a few... So I'll continue adding monsters until I can revamp more parts of the game as I need to figure out a few things with Parallax Backgrounds... Stay tuned and thank you!
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