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“Slimes” is a Star-Trek-inspired RPG, and approximately an hour long. It begins when an engineer aboard a starship wakes up to find that most of her co-workers have been replaced by monsters. Fighting her way through the hallways of the starship, she encounters other survivors of the mysterious disaster, and they band together to search for answers about what happened. Throughout their adventure, our heroes fight a variety of adversaries, solve some puzzles, and even dabble in theater production.

The Engineer:
The protagonist of “Slimes” uses her technological skills to succeed in battle. When she discovers the terrible changes on board the ship, she is quick to adapt to the newly dangerous environment, and take on a leadership role among the other survivors.

The Doctor:
He was once in charge of all medical concerns on the ship, but the new disease that seems to be spreading throughout it is like nothing he has ever seen before. While he sometimes acts indifferent to others, he is quick to heal his allies when they need him.

The Security Officer:
Because of her hair and uniform colour, her friends call her “Red” — or they used to, before they all turned slimy. Due to her specialized combat training, Red is able to withstand a great deal of damage before succumbing to unconsciousness.

The Communications Officer:
Lieutenant Lui may be the most knowledgeable about the incident that transformed most of the crew, as he was on an away mission with the ship’s captain just before it began. In battle, he uses his way with words to inspire and assist his allies.

If you enjoy "Slimes" and want to keep up-to-date on my other game-making endeavours, follow stepmakesgames.wordpress.com.

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