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Sacred Reviews: The Count of Venomlurk Manor


I'll admit that this is yet another project I decided to take a look at because it was put on the bounty list, but I can easily understand why no one's really reviewed this project. After all, the game's demo is a whopping 5 to 10 minutes in length and the bulk of your time will be spent on brute forcing your way through music puzzles. At least that's how I managed to get through the game.


You play as a young man that must overcome many obstacles in order to save your sister from the clutches of the count of Venomlurk Manor. Though, why the count wants Lydia or the rest of the young girls is a mystery that will probably never be solved considering this game hasn't been updated in over four years. Though, I will admit that the demo ends in a pretty $%$# you sort of way considering it ends with you getting slapped with a game over screen.


As it stands the only thing I can tell you about this game is that you solve various kinds of puzzles. Though the only ones you can actually solve in the demo are series of music puzzles that you'll probably have to brute force your way through. While the developer does include a few obvious clues like the first song starts with a "c" note or what have you. A lot of the other clues are far more abstract and may just fly over the player's head because they don't understand how Huyosumi connects certain clues with specific musical notes or in what order you need to play them in order to succeed.


On the graphical side of things the game feels rather cluttered. So much so that you sometimes have multiple objects occupying the same space as well as objects floating partially on and off screen. All and all this makes for a rather ugly looking game in my opinion.


On the musical side of things the game instantly commits a rather blatant faux pas with the lack of music on the title screen. To make matters even worse the game plays the same background track throughout the entire demo. I suppose this does make sense to a certain extent considering how short the demo is, but I can't help but feel a bit disappointed that we don't get a new track when we arrive in the room containing Lydia. After all, she is standing on top of a stage.


Honestly, I really don't see why anyone should have bothered with this demo when it first came out and I see even less reason for why people should bother with it now. After all, as far as I can tell the game hasn't been worked on in years and will probably never be finished. In fact, the best thing about taking a look at this game was seeing a comment left behind by nhubi, who was arguably the best reviewer this site has ever had.


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I'm laughing, sorry, this was just a demo and I actually forgot about this game for a LONG time. I worked really hard on it for a while and just gave up. But thank you for making a review about it though, I only wish I had the mind to finish it they way I wanted to.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Those pianos! lol
Why are the pianos so funny? Is it because you think their trying to create baby grand pianos?
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