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For more information, visit Twelve Tiles.

One-Sentence Story: Unravel the secrets of an underground fencing organization that requires members to wager their most precious possessions.

Genre: JRPG/Mystery/Information Collection

Playtime: Expect 8-12 hours of story


Florentine Blanc strikes gold when she gets accepted into FOIL, a private fencing group advertising a "new breed" of the sport.

The rules? Members must wager the object they care for more than any other: their Prized Possession. Florentine has seven days to prove herself. Each night pits her against one of the quirky characters clamouring to gain control of her trophy.

But what happens when members leave? And why are Prized Possessions such an integral part of FOIL's structure? As her experience in the isolated Chȃteau de l'Hiver proves menacing, Florentine investigates what evolves into a mysterious and ugly truth.

Fleuret Blanc was created from 2011 to 2012 and released for free in July of 2012. It was my first "solo" game, but many people helped contribute, including Michael "Garoad" Kelly, Sabrina Valenzuela, Kan Gao, Sarai White, and plenty of other generous and talented people. If I were to make the game today there would be a lot more polish and much better design here and there, but as a whole, I truly love this game and the story it tells. I hope you enjoy it!


Fleuret Blanc is primarily about the importance of objects in our life. Though the storyline follows Florentine as she unravels the mysteries of FOIL and its judges, she's constantly challenged with ideas of possession, collection, and obsession. The game rewards Florentine--who starts as a minimalist traveler--with points based not only on how much she interacts with her fellow members, but also on how much money she makes and how many items she's hoarded in her room. Though collecting is encouraged for a better score, the overall implications of the act can be bittersweet.



Time flows across seven days. Each day is broken up into morning, afternoon, and evening. Within those three sections, the player may explore, bout, gossip, and go through their notes however they like. However, Events take up Free Time. There are only three "segments" of Free Time within each section of the day, so use them wisely. Once three events have been seen, all other events will disappear until the player forces time to progress.


Fencing against other members is mandatory in the evenings (Trophy Bouts), but optional during the rest of the day. Unlike typical "battles," the winner is based on how stylishly they performed, even if their health went down first. Winners either take control of their opponent's Prized Possession, or regain their own.

Florentine gets paid based on her performance as well: the style points she accrues during bouts correlate directly to her income. This means that the player makes money not by winning, but by doing their job as a fencer.

There is no experience or leveling, and each member follows the same exact rules of combat as the player. A move's success is based both on predicting the opponent's attacks (based on current bout conditions) and successfully completing timing or button-pressing indicators that appear on the screen. Each opponent has their own set of special techniques that separates them from the others. With enough money, the player may persuade someone to teach them these techniques.


Florentine's "home base" is her bedroom where she stores the trophies of other members. She also may find or purchase other nic-nacs to hoard, transforming her simple sleeping quarters into a carnival of colors. Changing techniques and saving in the journal are just a few of the things that can be done here.


Witnessing events (mandatory or not) may bring up "interesting" ideas that Florentine will take note of in her electronic journal. These Points of Interest all pile toward conclusions that she has yet to make. Filling in the prerequisite for conclusions can lead to bonus events that open up the story and have an effect on the ending.


Collecting the best information may require gossiping. A select few members are as moral-less as Florentine and will engage in gossip about the last person, place, or thing that the player has come in contact with. (For example, if you click on a plant and then gossip with Roland, he'll give you his two cents about the local shrubbery).

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Thank you Merlandese.
I just installed the fonts and tried your game, and all the fonts now display correctly.

Yes, I highly think your auto-installer may have some problems installing the fonts correctly,
in fact it may work fine depending on some versions of windows, but for some others versions it may fall.
This is why it is interesting to have the fonts separated,
so in case such problem happen, the user can install them manually.

Alternatively from what I said yesterday,
in your game folder where you have placed your "Instruction Manual.pdf",
you can very well create a folder "Font" where you will place all the fonts used by your game,
and add a "readme text" about it so the people can install them manually, if needed.
This solution could be interesting if you don't want to "force" the users to have to download multiples files in order to play your game.

Well,I may have a try to your game, now that everything works fine.

Great advice, Baffou. I already have the fonts in my Dropbox just for this reason, but I had someone place the game with an auto-installer. I'm not sure what happened there. Maybe it didn't work, or I need to re-check what I have on RMN, but in any case, here are the fonts:

Help! I really want to play this game but no dialogue displays! There are just long scenes with two characters looking at each other!
Any ideas?

FreeCouch, your problem is a font problem, you can see the windows messages
but somes of the texts didn't appear, but the game works.
I'am on windows 10 too, and get the same problem.

Merlandese, I don't know if you are using an auto-font installer script,
but to correct that font problem, make an archive with all the fonts you use
in your game to be able to be downloaded (separately from your game)
so the persons who will play it, if they encounter a problem with the texts,
can install directly the fonts in their Windows Font folder.
That will certainly solve the problem.

Your game look nice Merlandese, I look forward to play it.

I've only ever recorded short clips, so I'm afraid I don't know. It seems to pick up game sounds at least; not sure if it picks up mic sounds as well.
Doesn't free Fraps only allow short clips, though? I'm also not sure how well it picks up sound. Plus my current main computer is a piece of crap that chokes and dies just trying to play RM games normally... but maybe one day! I really do love this game and I'd love to be able to share it with people. If nothing else, it'd be nice to have videos of every scene on record somewhere on the internet -- that's something I take for granted with a lot of video games, I think.
I use OBS Studio to record. It's also free and useful, although my computer is a bit too weak to do long recording sessions. But it's typically used for streaming so it's not bad. Plus, no watermark!
House's fun tip for cheapos:

Fraps will record with a watermark, but the watermark is in the black area when you full screen (this might vary based on your monitor size). You can then port the video into a program like Avidemux (which is also free) and then set up a filter so that you crop out the black bars and, in Avidemux at least, correct the color with "Swap UV." I haven't tried actually uploading a video to Youtube with this, so I'm sure there are other stupid hurdles you'll have to cross, but it's good for getting footage for gifs at least.
There's not a single Let's Play for this? D: That is a tragedy! If I had good recording software I'd make one myself, but they all cost money.
*Shakes fist at sky*


Sorry it didn't work out. I wish it had a Let's Play somewhere I could link in case you wanted to watch it. Thanks for going through all of the trouble to play it. :)
I'm on windows 10. I wish I was on Vista, 10 just force quit all of my files last night for an update that just cluttered up my computer.
That's a problem with Windows Vista, I believe.
No luck. I tried the download link you gave to someone else with the same problem, it still won't give me any dialogue, I guess my computer just can't handle it...
Weird because I have played other RMXP games. Thanks tho
I've heard one other person (in the previous reposts) talk about a similar issue. They reinstalled and perhaps restarted their computer. I think it has something to do with RMXP's compatibility and specs, so I'm not sure what exactly causes a problem like that, but try the restart and tell me if that works. :)
Help! I really want to play this game but no dialogue displays! There are just long scenes with two characters looking at each other!
Any ideas?
Thanks, EvenThen!

I can understand the frustration, especially in a game like Fleuret Blanc. There are a lot of rough edges and some unnecessary moving and clicking. But I'm glad you liked what you played. Thanks for giving it a shot! And thanks for telling me! It's nice to see some activity on Fleuret Blanc. :)
I felt that it would be right to come back and tell you about my experiences with Fleuret Blanc.

I did enjoy what I played of the game, but at a certain point, I was too frustrated to continue. It's not because of any flaw in the game, but rather my own forgetfulness. I played Fleuret Blanc in two sessions with several months between them; by the second, I'd forgotten that gossiping to some people twice gives additional dialogue, which I rediscovered after already having played out as far as Day 3. My frustration reached its breaking point, and I put the game down since I loathe repeating things I've already done in games. I might start a new playthrough at some point, though.

This wrinkle aside, I truly enjoyed Fleuret Blanc. The artstyle is charming in its stylization, the music is beautiful and the tone has a pleasant mixture of whimsy, melancholy and mystery. (I'd say that walking back and forth constantly to gossip to one person about everything around the mansion is a bit bothersome, though, and I'm glad you fixed this for Last Word.)

Fleuret Blanc is a game that has really touched my heart. Thank you for making it.
Okay, that's easy to fix.

Just take the file I'm about to link you and place it in the "Fleuret Blanc" folder, wherever you placed it. (Likely Program Files => Fleuret Blanc.)

Download This

Here's a picture from my computer on where to place the file:

Picture of the Appropriate Folder

This should get it going! XD

Sorry for all of the trouble, it's an old game. :)
Well, the installer worked this time, but when I tried to run the game, it told me it couldn't find RGSS104E.dll. I do have RPG Maker VX Ace installed, so that can't be it... sorry to be such a bother.

Also, holy crap you actually responded.
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