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Fleuret Blanc. is on the following playlists...
Play List User Description
Play List Kurenai Default Playlist
To Play NeverSilent I Should Play These
Play List CashmereCat Default Playlist
Play List Cartylove Default Playlist
Play List WillyFourEyes Default Playlist
Play List nispinggrov Default Playlist
Play List iozzilemu Default Playlist
Long Games Play List synthesis 7+ hours of gameplay
PseudoCrystal Played / Playing / Will Play
Play List MonsieurEek Default Playlist
Play List Mayuen Default Playlist
Bookmarked HikiNeet ...
Play List KudaKitsune Default Playlist
Karamelts' Games to Play! karamelts Let's play, enjoy, and critique together @ karamelts.tumblr.com
Play List cyancat Default Playlist
Games that I like or have RogerJr Just interesting for me games
Play List IllusioMan Default Playlist
Random stuff Kylaila
Play List AshPash209 Default Playlist
Play List kumada Default Playlist
Play List SensualPopcorn Default Playlist
Play List dreamlessnights Default Playlist
Play List jackblackforever Default Playlist
Play List icovoc Default Playlist
RMN Plays Red_Nova Games I've played (or want to play) for RMN Plays event
to play redranger
Games I should play tennenboke
Curiosity Kills the... eplipswich ...no, it doesn't kill anything. Anyway, this is the list of games that I'm curious about.
Old Favorites ModeGone Games I remember loving in the past. Currently before the year 2017. Some of these are dead, sadly, and some I would love to had placed in this list are no longer available at all.
RPGs ModeGone Original RPGs that are a blast. Whether it is plotline, graphics, or something unusual about the combat system.
Plan to Play Lemres
Future Games Xbell Games that I have yet to play.