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Want to submit a level? Thanks! Please follow these guidelines. Most boss levels are made so there aren't any guidelines for those.
1. View the Worlds page to see what the world themes are.
2. Banned Objects:
-Any exits other than the Roulette
-SMW Bowser Statue unless it is spiked or something
-Yoshis or Kuribo's Shoes
-Dry Bones with the bad hitboxes - use the ones in the graphics download
3. Please make your level end with the roulette reskin that upon death, shows the GOAL! over the NPC pipe with no smoke, somewhere on the screen. If this is too hard, I can make this.
4. Please have a checkpoint and 5 dragon coins.
5. Make sure your level is completable with Toad and Link!
6. No secret stars.
7. PM me before you make a secret exit. There's only one per world.
8. The powerup progression is:
W1: Mushroom and Fire Flower
W2: Leaf
W3: Ice Flower
W4: Tanooki Suit (sparingly)
W5: Hammer Suit (sparingly)
9. Please use friendly Yoshis instead of Toads. If you want a friendly Koopa, fish, Goomba etc. that's fine.
10. Whatever music you use will be changed to Yoshi's Island music. If you want a specific track please mention it.
11. Please use the SMB3 powerups.
12. LunaDLL, if you can code in it, is allowed.
13. No aggressively being "funny". One guy had a whole bunch of "jokey" talking NPCs, and he was even going to put in Pop Tarts over Bullet Bills before I stepped in. A pun or two is fine, just not 5 or 7.
14. All World 6 levels have mini-bosses.

1. Please use these graphics when making a level.
2. The "Special Graphics" folder - Dry Bones, Shy Guys, and Snifits make the other custom effects of the enemy replacements glitchy when they're in the main folder, so you'll have to put these in your level folder, sorry. The Hammer Suit replacement won't fit in a block unless you use the default one and put the graphic in the folder later.
3. Please make all recolors stick to those graphics - Piranha Plants, coins, checkpoints, etc.
4. Please don't make per level recolors of the player and powerup sprites!
5. Make all graphics in SMB3 style or at least SMB3 recolored. If you want something recolored drop a PM.

Your effort is appreciated! You will recieve credit, don't worry!