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World 1: Grasstop Grasslands These grasslands are where the Yoshi Kingdom rules over. Baby Bowser has sent his nasties in.
World 2: Deadly Sand Shahara: Watch out for the Munchers in this hot desert. Many pyramids lie in this parched desert.
World 3: Beach Party Beach The beach is being overrun by Spikes, Charging Chucks, Piranha Lotuses and more malicious minions. Prepare to do a lot of swimming!
World 4: Jungle of Shyness The Shy Guys are prepared to stop your progress! Full of pits, toxic acid, and more, this couldn't be more far removed from Grasstop Grasslands!
World 5: Snow Freeze Mountain Slip and slide right into a Bumpty! Rescue Droshi and Roboshi - and bring your mittens! (Can Yoshis fit into those doggy jackets?)
World 6: Baby Bowser's Kingdom This is where it all ends as you go into a volcano, hop through a ship on a sea of oil, and confront Baby Bowser in his Infernal Factory! Princess Yoshi is counting on you!