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hi i'm kelly, this is my first game so I hope everyone finds enjoyment in it.


What if you woke up and your tongue was gone? How about your ear? Half of your face? What would you do? Well for Pup this sounds like the exact thing that's happening to him!

Pup (a lil deer) has had all of his body parts stolen. He must find a way to get his body parts in any way he can, even if it includes killing and eating his best friends.

The game involves five "chapters" of gameplay in varying locations. Ex. A hotel, a house on halloween night, and an assassin training area.

The game also includes a bad ending and a good ending, so choose your decisions wisely!

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  • Completed
  • cutiecannibal
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure
  • 07/29/2014 09:12 PM
  • 01/14/2020 11:57 PM
  • 06/29/2014
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I don't know why, but the download only gets me to a download of three sample songs.
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Sweet! Download up.
By the by, the download is ridiculously large. RTP alone seems too much to cause, you might want to clean it up sometimes.
Excuse me, how do you get to the good ending?

the second door just leads to snake pits, no hidden hallways or anything, and while I can avoid him in the first door, I can't do anything after that other than letting him catch and kill me (talking to me)

It feels a lot like Pen Pals, with as neat music (ripped or not, still good), just with less subtance behind it .. quite unfortunate.

There are a couple of bugs, plus music isn't playing half of the time.

I could find the ribs without even talking to the person and I also had to do the chase scene twice.
In the hotel, the mouses' CD player doesn't play anything, and the dragon one's stays. Not that I mind, it was quiet before.

You can acquire infinite mangos and coins, since the event repeats. There are plenty of times you can walk over objects.
I suppose the general lack of capital letters is intentional, albeit a tad annoying.

Review will be up soon, since an answer to that might take a while. It was rather disappointing.
I might be a bit harsh, but I secretly hope to crank it up a little once I see the good ending.
it takes me to a song to download on medifire. You might want to check that out.
im so angry whatever im deleting all of this i tried 40 times to upload it, stayed up all night, now there are so many things wrong and im stressed out and no one on this site wants to help me. im taking down the download for a bit and maybe ill fix it idk no one ever tells me how to do anything lmao
I played it and I like the art a lot, specially the sprites and chipsets, they do seem very pen palz inspired (Also the tv I saw that),I don't like the music that much but just cuz it's not really my type of music, I think the game would of benefited from having more text because just playing it as it is the bigger theme's of the game don't show off that much, like maybe some in between sections where we see the ghost again would make it more clear, I get that the big themes is that all the character's have problems they have to deal with and Pup's is (probably) having someone who can support him (Cuz lonely), which I took as the reason your friends help you find parts of you, like if they're gone they take something out of you, and if you decide to do the bad ending, that hurting other's is inevitably going to catch up to you, I think that was pretty good but I feel like the bad ending could of got way more dark for that since some don't end up facing the consequences, last things I'll add is that the text is hard to read because of the system color choices, I would suggest making the pink darker, also the good ending is glitched, you can only get the bad ending for some reason despite saving all your friends, I got to the good ending by playing the game in rpgmaker2003.
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