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Hammerstone is about a shipwrecked survivor, who ends up on a remote island, and has to build a shelter using rocks and wood, and hunt for food to survive by killing wild pigs, and gathering edibles. When night falls, danger lurks.

*Build a custom shelter.
*Craft Items and weapons.
*Hunger system that affects health.
*Day/night cycle.
*Random weather system.(Snow depletes hunger at a faster rate if a poncho is not crafted.)
*Enemies that spawn at night.
*Fishing system.

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Hmm, I like the look of this, any idea when the experiment will be complete?
Hey, I'm working hard on it as I type this actually. I want to get a demo or something out ASAP. It's mostly all RTP graphics mind you, but if the general reaction is good, then I'll completely remake it with custom graphics and instead of collecting wood, you'll have to chop down trees and mine rocks. It's all being done without custom scripts, cause I have no idea how to use them. Just events and conditional branches.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
cool, I'll keep an eye out.
This game is promising. I can't wait until the demo!
Minecraft, RPG Maker version?

More like Rust.
Notes from testing

Very laggy (though I have a cruddy computer), probably from running too many events on one map or overlays.
Liked the intro, but the walls of the boat should collapse as well (after all tiles, can't stay indefinitely) and there needs to be some clue to get you to swim down, if just a few squares of land
Most of things in tutorial are self-explanatory.
Giant sent me running, but it turns out you can one shot them as well as bears, at least with axe. On the other hand, pigs take almost ten hits to kill, so I'm confused. Plus, no hit animations on enemies except the pig.
Hunger meter goes down too fast, especially when below 50%, and pork does little to restore it. Hunting for pork becomes time draining, a chore.
Giants spawn fairly close to player house
Didn't notice a big change in spawn rates at night.

But mainly the lag. It was a pretty big island for one map, needs to be split in 2 at least.
Thanks for the feedback, Novalux. It is laggy and most definitely due to the events. I wish I knew how to script.
The boat was a last minute idea actually, and I will make it completely sink.
You can get to shore by swimming up or down.
The Giants have a hit animation, but for some reason, it doesn't show up. I will make them harder to kill. It's a time consuming process and I already had them spread out, and so i didn't fix their health like the pigs.
Hunger meter has a steady depletion time, less it's snowing. The cold depletes hunger faster.
You can also pick berries, and go fishing for food.
I chose to spawn the giants close cause they never got close during testing.
I will have a fixed updated version someday soon.
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