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The RPG version of Spec Ops: The Line

  • todpole
  • 04/23/2017 11:23 AM
Caution – It is possible that certain scenes in this game are shocking to an unwarned public. Or maybe not…

You've been assigned to help a being called the Batter, who wants to purify the world. That's pretty much it for most of the game, as like Undertale, it's best to experience blind. You're bound to have different thoughts depending on how you look at it. I do have one big nitpick and that with two exceptions, all the books can't be read properly as I couldn't read the font or handwriting or it was covered by a piece of a puzzle. And it look like important lore too. I heard that this game was suppose to be like Undertale and I don't see it. We're just asked to help this guy and we soon question what's going on while Undertale is more about curiosity.

The combat is kinda dull and easy. While you might have a bit of trouble at the beginning, you should have no trouble after a few fights, except for when do the optional dungeons. The bosses also didn't get me much trouble as I beat them all in one try. You could also set it to auto which means you can't heal as the AI is purposefully aggressive.
Now lets step away away from the dull combat to the simple but interesting puzzles. Most of the puzzles are just numbers for codes and some of them are pretty clever like one of is a code hidden in a backstory. Other puzzles are either mazes, switch puzzles or the worst of them all, a quiz that has the answers next to them but I still couldn't figure it out without cheating.

If there's one thing OFF is 90% good at, it's the presentation. Sure the menu is hard to look like and the colours look very simple, but simple design hides the dark overtones. The monster sprites are also very good from the simple ghosts, the many detailed rat like creatures and of course, the Burnt that just make you joke about their "heads".
As for the music, even if I don't want to play the game, I'll still want to listen to this soundtrack as it's now one of my favourites(and it's also free). While the main battle theme is the most fun, the other tracks aren't too bad either, being either whimsical, tense and eventually horror-filled, with "The Meaning Behind His Tears" being my favourite. These even a song that sounds like something Gorilliaz would make. It's called "Stay in you Coma" if your curious.

I admit, this isn't a game I'll replay again but I think everyone should play this at least once