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Sorry for the inconvenience

Well, it has been a while since we have made any changes or updated the game, let alone give it any following. The team sincerely apologizes to our followers and players about the lack of support or attention to the game lately. It was not our intention. But we feel that we should explain why this update is long overdue:

You see, many members of the small team are still in college and struggling with new life situations. For example: our lead designer and the only one that knows how to work the engine just recently moved to Florida and one of our designers also just signed up to be in the military and should be heading to boot camp. The other members, such as the artist and the story designer, do not know how to work with the engine as efficiently as the lead designer, meaning they could not work with anything besides art or writing outside the engine itself. This alone definitely held us back for a while.

Recently, the lead designer confirmed that he has looked over the game in the engine and has found all of the bugs and is attacking them as we speak. Some of the addressed bugs are:

-The introduction part of Jane, where the player would move and could not progress into the house.

-Loop in the Carla interrogation where you could still interrogate her after commiting suicide.

-Loop of the scene after interrogating Carla.

-Some guards saying "That's all I know" before even getting the information from them first.

-Blood stains that blocks player progress.

-Access to the other investigation rooms.

-The endind scenes, other story-related scenes and credits scene (plus build up for the second case).

...among other bugs to be found.

We apologize for taking so long and we're not making any promises to what day the update should be released (learned that last year), but we do want to say that we're currently working on it and are tackling the bugs as well as finishing what needs to be finished.

Also, the Lead Designer is working on solo projects called "POLIsGLAM" and "OPMA" (One Problem, Many Adventures), which will be explained in our blog today. Stay tuned for that.

And once again, we apologize for the inconvenience. We are moving forward strong! LONG LIVE THE JOLLY PIRATES!

-The Jolly-Jolly Roger Members