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games i need to play MarshmallowDragon and games i havent finished
Playing... Kett -loading oppinions and complaints-
Uncle Hexatona's Playlist Hexatona (And Carnival)
Play List LauraChan Default Playlist
Play List MelancholyState Default Playlist
Played HadenaMomo List of games already played
Play List hiccupheadphone Default Playlist
Play List Cartylove Default Playlist
Plan to Play Them HestiaHearth89 games I still plan to play.
Play List Ama-chan Default Playlist
Play List emailgrnx Default Playlist
Play List Akurei269 Default Playlist
Games played so far daenius Juegos jugados hasta el momento
Games to play Ghoul
Play List riceindabowl Default Playlist
Play List AshPash209 Default Playlist
To be played yukiri01 Will maybe play later
Completed blessbunny Games I've played through!
Backlog Kett I'll get aound to it.... Probably...
Finished Kett
Played/Watched theadellie
Little but memorable:) Pavlus Contest games and other small but enjoyable projects.
Angel alessaangel Games I've played / am playing
Short Games Playlist synthesis 1-6 hours of gameplay
AWESOME GAMES tifa_rpg Games that are awesome!!
Games that make me squee Archeia_Nessiah Games that hit my favorite themes!