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I screwed up (again)...And fixed it!

  • Ebeth
  • 09/19/2014 07:16 PM
Click to read the fascinating saga of me uploading the wrong files.

So, the other day I realized that I had uploaded the wrong set of files for Scaredy Cat. I had uploaded an abridged version that I had made for the IGMC.

I thought I had fixed the link but I had actually just made it worse,(huge file size, an extra copy of the game inside it). I fixed it now (I had to go back in and reprogram a event and stuff).

If you've already played don't worry about it you aren't missing too much (just an extended fetch quest + more dialogue), BUT if you have downloaded and haven't started playing yet I would recommend re-downloading the game.

The link actually works now!

Update: there was a bug in the letter quest but it's fixed now.