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Progressing, slowly, but progressing nonetheless!

  • Ebeth
  • 11/05/2015 04:56 AM
First off Scaredy Cat has hit 900+ downloads! Which is very cool. I am at this point going to delete the download file in (early) preparation for the new and improved version.

I have also updated the description of the game.

Here's what I've completed recently:
  • All of the main cast’s walking and idle sprites are done!

  • All NPC’s sprites are done!

  • Tilesets have been updated and tweaked to fix so stuff that didn’t look good!

  • Additional items have been added to the tilesets! This is mostly on/for the outside tilesets.

For the demo, which I'd like to get out around December I still need to make:

  • 1 Enemy Sprite

  • 1 Enemy Battlers

  • MC’s Battle cut-ins (4)

  • CGs (2, probably)

  • New facesets for menu and Battle system

  • Game over screen

  • New title screen


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You're magical to me.
Hooray! :DDDDDD
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