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~Officially~ On Hiatus

I've basically been on hiatus for about a year- but now its official.

I'll be hopefully returning to and finishing Scaredy Cat during the summer. In the meantime I'll be bringing Everything Will be Fine off of Hiatus as I work on that for school.

I promise, no matter how long it takes, I will finish this game!


Demo Released!!

The demo has been uploaded and is ready for download. It covers a little under the first third of the game. The download is also RTP independent.

I hope you all enjoy the demo! Feel free to send me feedback or tell me if you find spelling/grammar errors or other bugs.

And thank you to my testers: Unity, Pinkuboa, Thomas and Sam.

Also I added some character information to the main page and more detailed character bio's as a separate page!


Merry Christmas! Demo coming very soon!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

The demo is currently being playtested and bug fixed and will be released in the next couple of days! I will also have a character page up very soon as well.

Progress Report

Progressing, slowly, but progressing nonetheless!

First off Scaredy Cat has hit 900+ downloads! Which is very cool. I am at this point going to delete the download file in (early) preparation for the new and improved version.

I have also updated the description of the game.

Here's what I've completed recently:
  • All of the main cast’s walking and idle sprites are done!

  • All NPC’s sprites are done!

  • Tilesets have been updated and tweaked to fix so stuff that didn’t look good!

  • Additional items have been added to the tilesets! This is mostly on/for the outside tilesets.

For the demo, which I'd like to get out around December I still need to make:

  • 1 Enemy Sprite

  • 1 Enemy Battlers

  • MC’s Battle cut-ins (4)

  • CGs (2, probably)

  • New facesets for menu and Battle system

  • Game over screen

  • New title screen

Progress Report

Back in Business

So after being separated from:
A) My broken computer (the hinge just..snapped? it was weird and covered in my warranty)
B) A working internet connection

for approximately six weeks I am happy to say that I am back and making progress on the remake of Scaredy Cat. I am currently working on the graphics updates: And heres the proof!

New sprite designs:

& New face sets!

Also I updated the logo/banner for the gamepage!

I'm hoping to submit the remake of SC to the Yuri Game Jam as well so at this point I aiming for a release date of at least Oct. 31


I'm remaking Scaredy Cat!

Whooo! I was going to a big fancy thing for this but.. it didn't happen. I'll be tweaking some graphics but the story and gameplay is going to be majorly revamped and hopefully there will be custom music as well. Unity will be helping me out with creating battles.

If you are curious here is a complete list of everything that is going to be fixed/new stuff that will be implemented in the Scaredy Cat remake (spoilers!):

• Anxiety Meter – your choices and how you interact with people will affect your anxiety meter. Depending on where it is different scenes will play out differently. This leads to:
• 3 non static endings based on meter (good bad neutral)
• Intro will be chopped off.
• Possible flash back of Mia and Alexis’s relationship instead of the intro? Regardless more backstory for both.
• General fixing of sloppy writing and plot holes.
• Further character development for Maxie, Ellie and Cici through the use of side quests/puzzles with a focus on how they handle stress/anxiety.
• Maxie- Pushes herself too hard to overcome issues.
• Ellie- Very confrontational & in denial.
• Cici- Tries to ignore/run away from the issue. (Represented via. Gameplay where you have to run from/avoid monster creatures?)
• NPC’s have more than one line of dialog & possibly do more?
• Add some sort of puzzle to Erica’s potion making quest.
• Cat transformation thing w/ items rather that the weird floating cat orbs. Allows for transformation anywhere = more interactive and puzzles can use the effect.
• Better/More puzzles in castle
• 10 Battles: 1 intro/tut one feat the crying ghost. 8 ones resembling past ways Mia’s died (magic creatures created by Alexis) and Alexis herself
• Functional battle system (With Unity’s help!)
• Balance Items- Should be less of them.
• Fix perspective w/ some of the tile sets ie. tv & trees
• Diff body types in sprites
• New enemy battlers
• Battle sprites for the main characters
• New cgs!!!!!!
• Fix the water animation.
• New talk sprites
• New Castle tilesets. (Baroque style)
• New music (beat up Thomas until he does it for me)
• More puns

And here are the (rough drafts) of the new face sets!



New Download w/ the New Rm2k3

Nothings changed in the file but Scaredy Cat is now (officially) legal! The download no longer links to media fire which should eliminate some of those download issues people were having.

Also I have a very exciting announcement coming... soon-ish.


Art! Art! Art!

Hey! Before I figured out that sprites had to be a certain size in rpg maker 2003 I made sprites for all the main characters in Scaredy Cat. For some reason I’ve never posted them all together so here they are!

Spoiler(ish) sprite bellow.

And here's a sketch of the gang('s faces)! (Again, hidden for spoilers).


I screwed up (again)...And fixed it!

Click to read the fascinating saga of me uploading the wrong files.

So, the other day I realized that I had uploaded the wrong set of files for Scaredy Cat. I had uploaded an abridged version that I had made for the IGMC.

I thought I had fixed the link but I had actually just made it worse,(huge file size, an extra copy of the game inside it). I fixed it now (I had to go back in and reprogram a event and stuff).

If you've already played don't worry about it you aren't missing too much (just an extended fetch quest + more dialogue), BUT if you have downloaded and haven't started playing yet I would recommend re-downloading the game.

The link actually works now!

Update: there was a bug in the letter quest but it's fixed now.


Thank you!!!

Wow thanks for 300+ downloads you guys! I know that isn't a whole lot compared to some games on here but to me that's a pretty big deal.

Also clenemtine over on tumblr drew me some cute fanart which I thought I'd share. Warning for in game spoilers in the second image!

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