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Mia: Anxious, inquisitive, trying her best. The protagonist.

  • Age: Total 255, Current Life: 19

  • Bi- She/her pronouns

  • Weapon Natural agility and strength, her claws

A cat spirit on her last life Mia has been through many rough times and is trying to cope with her past to try to have a better future. If she'll even have a future. Though she's constantly stressed and worried she tries to not let it get the best of her and tries to stay curious and tentatively optimistic. Like Maxie because she makes her feel like everything will turn out okay.

Maxie: Cool, strong, a chronic overachiever. Mia’s crush and leader of the group.

  • Age: 21

  • Lesbian- She/her pronouns

  • Weapon: Baseball bat

A regular human in a world filled with supernatural beings Maxie has a strong desire to prove herself as being just as capable without any special abilities as those with powers. She feels overshadowed by her older brother Zach who got electrical powers in a lightning strike and became a superhero of sorts. Puts an immense amount of pressure on herself and enjoys being around Mia since she helps her to feel more relaxed and comfortable with herself.

Cici: Empathetic, showy, brings the party. Mia’s friend, they’re an excellent vocalist.

  • Age: 20

  • Agender- They/them pronouns

  • Weapon: Sonic shouts

Cici is the singer for a popular band. When they aren't touring they help defeat evil monsters with the rest of the gang. Cici's kind and caring nature and desire to help everyone and anyone they can often leads to them getting taken advantage of or ignoring their own needs in favor of others emotions.

Ellie: Snarky, reserved, ready to fight. Mia’s friend, likes plants more than people.

  • Age: 19

  • Trans- She/her pronouns

  • Weapon: Rain based magic and a multipurpose weaponized umbrella

Raised in a strict conservative faerie community Ellie didn't know much about the outer world until she was a teen and became acquainted with Cici. She channels her frustrations with her unhealthy upbringing into punching monsters and prefers to face problems with bluster and bravado rather than examine and face her own emotions and risk getting hurt again.