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Here's a quick walkthrough in case you get stuck.

Helping Briar:

• Examine the log on the south side of the map in cat form to find the area where her book is.

Maxie's quest:

• Find Maxie and talk to her.

• Go talk to Sam. (His house is in the east.)

• After talking with Sam you need to go speak with his girlfriend, Erica. (Her house in the central part of town.) Say you’ll help her.

• There are three mushroom spots. One is on the west side of town in the upper right. One is in the central area of town on the upper left side. One is found via a log entrance on the east side of town.

• Return to Erica and take the potion back to Sam who tells you about holy water.

• Head to Stephen’s house (central town). Examine the bottles in the back of the room. Take or steal one.

• Head back to Maxie’s. Go find Cici at her studio and then Ellie at her house. Leave town through the southern path.

Witch Crushing Boulder:

• This enemy cannot be beaten.

• You need to escape from battle.

• Once you escape head up to the top area of town where a cutscene will trigger.

• Head to the bottom of the graveyard to end the demo