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Alex Mattson's LP

As I continue offering up SMBX games, Alex keeps playing 'em. Sadly, this one suffered from some tech issues, but he got through it!

Alex's Last King Playlist


bossedit8's Excellent LP

Hey guys! I would be remiss if I didn't share this with you. We just got a wonderful Let's Play from bossedit8. He and his co-commentator, ProxyHax, are familiar with SMBX and were able to appreciate this episode to a very high degree. They have almost nothing but stunning praise for it. You should check out the playlist when you get the chance!

LKoH Playlist

Game Design

Legend of Zelda X

This game was developed in a modified version of Super Mario Bros. X, dubbed by halibabica as Legend of Zelda X. Although Last King of Hyrule is finished and released, the engine is still under development (by hali because he's weird). There are no estimates on how many more changes are planned or how long they will take. In the meantime, enjoy Last King of Hyrule and look forward to future updates for LoZX!
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