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Pokémon RMN Version is a collaborative Pokémon fan game developed with the Pokémon Essentials script engine for RPG Maker XP. It is the result of a creative event where members of the RMN community and abroad would create, design, and refine their very own Pokémon to feature in the game. Up to twenty-five members had their submissions accepted, and they've all contributed to a roster of 151* Pokémon for players to catch and train!
*There could be more...

The game features a brand new region to explore, exclusive to the RMN-made Pokémon contributed by our members, and with the power of the Pokémon Essentials engine, you'll experience this game in a way that's reminiscent of the handheld games!

Far away from familiar lands in the Pokémon world, lying South of the Inday Region and West of the Moddin Region, there exists the isolated island of Ahremin. The Ahremin region is known for it's rich history, including tales of a monstrous beast who once threatened to devour the world; it contains bizarre landscapes, including the mysterious ruins of a lost civilization and the outright befuddling Ultimate Warp Zone. The most fascinating aspect of Ahremin, however, is its Pokémon species, all of which are found nowhere else in the world.

After recently moving into the region, a curious, ambitious teenager wishes to explore Ahremin to its fullest; discovering, befriending, and training its Pokémon with the hopes of becoming champion of the Ahremin Pokémon League. This teen is the child of the world-famous Pokemon Trainer Andreas, who runs the gym at Misao City. With a reputation to keep up with and a dream to fulfill, the teen accepts the Trainer's License and embarks on a journey that will test his/her endurance.

Will he/she make a mark on this strange new world? Does he/she have what it takes to become the Ahremin region’s champion? This teen is you, in case you haven't figured that out, so what will you decide?

For Pokemon and Game information, visit the Pokémon RMN Version Wiki!

Latest Blog

Progress Report - 4/18/21 - Battle Sprites, and the Greater Ahremin Region

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for the positive feedback on the overworld sprites in the last update! As of the moment, 127 overworld sprites have been completed, with several more in varying stages of development. I’ll make a follow up update once they have all been completed.

As for today though, I have a different kind of sprite to show to you all, battle sprites! If you take a look at the Pokémon Roster chart, 21 out of 151 ‘mons are currently missing battle sprites. Of those missing 21, I have completed 14 of them thus far. A majority of the remaining sprites are the generally more intricate legendries, which I have been slowly working at.

One of the things I have been working on in regards to the story and world is the regions surrounding Ahremin. It’s always been something that has been alluded to in the game (and is even mentioned in the game’s description), but hasn’t really been given much thought up until now. I’ll go over how this ties into the game from a lore and story perspective in my next update, but for now, I’m interested in going over two of the biggest additions this brings to the project, starting with...

Regional variants!

Quite possibly my favorite addition to the newer generations of Pokemon are variants of existing Pokemon, giving them a chance to be re-imagined in a completely new light. And if I am already expanding the explorable continent outside of Ahremin, it seemed like the perfect opportunity! And so, let’s take a look at a few familiar faces, rocking a different look than what you’re used to.

Starting things off, we have Gustling and Swantweet. In dry, sandy regions where lust greenery is scarce, the typically leafy birds are forced to patch their cloak with dust and scraggly weeds. Between their dense cloak offering greater protection against the elements, and their webbed feet allowing them to run across the sand with ease, these ‘mons are the go-to for fast and reliable desert travel.

Next is the Phim line, who take on a much more mischievous, if at times malicious, persona over their Alremin counterparts. While still playful, they also have the habit of pulling pranks on any unsuspecting victim that catches their eye. While often innocent enough at first, they are known to take things a bit too far should they grow bored. Because of this, seeing one is considered a bad omen, and often results in days worth of inconveniences.

Next, we have Mycelite and Alampita. Similar to Phim above, these two are native to the noxious northern swamps. Similar to their Ahremin counterparts, they are more than eager to aid wandering trainers that have lost their way. Unlike their more wholesome brethren though, their hypnotic flickers and shines will often only lure unsuspecting travelers deeper into the hazy depths of the swamp.

And lastly is one that may come as a surprise to some, even the starter ‘mon Flaregon is getting in on the fun! Often cited in fables to be the remains of the foregone monster, given a second lease at life by a world-bound spirit, these frightening monsters are spotted on rare occasion, wandering amidst the desert sands on a calm night. Should you encounter one in your travels, It’s advised not to get too close, lest you end up like the children from the fable...

However, it’s not only a different take on familiar faces that you’ll find in these new and foreign lands...

New ‘Mons!

Introducing the first of what's sure to be many new ‘mons that you’ll come across in your adventures, Lucifly, Sinisect, and Beezlebug!

The sight of swarming Lucifly is a clear indicator that a Beezlebug has claimed the nearby area as it’s hive. Fine, shimmering silk that burns to the touch strewn throughout the nearby trees is soon to follow. By that point, there is little choice than to salvage what you can from the area, and relocate your settlement, less you invoke His wrath. Perhaps you’ll be so fortunate, or unfortunate, to see such an occurrence during your travels.

Huh, it wasn’t until I got this far into writing this update that I realized that most of the new ‘mons I showed off today have a sinister/spooky vibe to them, haha.

One thing regarding the new additions to the roster, given the history behind the project, I didn’t want the addition of new ‘mons to feel as if they were encroaching on those that have been around for years now. This is another reason that inspired me to incorporate the greater continental area outside of Ahremin. The new ‘mons and the regional forms will start to show their faces as you start to make your way outside the borders of Ahremin.

One thing I’ve debated is possibly instead of having regional variants be referred to as they are in Pokémon (such as Alolan Meowth and Galarian Mr.Mime), instead having the variants given their own name. Something that (lore wise) the locals of that region would have named them. An example could be the desert-y Gustling being known as Dustling. Just a thought, let me know if you like the idea or not.

There are plenty more new creatures to discover, but perhaps I’ll save those for a later time. ;)

As usual though, let me know your thoughts. For the next update, I’ll be going over the general story and gameplay direction that I have been taking.

Until next time! :)


aww yeaaaaahhhhh gamepaaaaaage *subscribes*
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I forgot to mention that I redid the logo for this project, as you can see. I thought the old one was a little bit wonky and I wanted something that represented RMN a little more.

Aside from that, I put up the character page and the game mechanics page as well, for those who are interested. The other pages that are coming soon are:

- The Region starters
- Full Roster of Pokemon and their creators
- The Gym Leaders (or I could just add that to the "Main Characters" page)
- Map of the region

... and anything else that I might remember that I need to show.
Nice to see this project is still going. I eagerly anticipate a demo within a year, or two.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
aww yeaaaaahhhhh gamepaaaaaage
This seems like fun and it even looks better than the regular pokemon too :)

Though I am a bit disappointed to find out that the Professor is not named after a tree/plant...
Awesomeness! Good job! How's Bundulate's sprite coming?
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Subscribe Attack!
I am looking forward to this game so much.
My body is ready~

*Same here.
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Woohoo! :D Gamepage looks great!

(*sniff, sniff* my first Developer spot in RMN...)
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
No, your Shreddax Line made it in.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs

Though I am a bit disappointed to find out that the Professor is not named after a tree/plant...

Prof. Bick is pretty much my own self-insert in this game, mainly because I felt a bit like the "Pokemon guru" of RMN during the event, and the role of a region professor isn't as pretentious as a gym leader or champion. His first name is spelled out from the first letter of my name ("J") and his last name is the first four letters of my last (Bickelmann). His personality is not related to mine at all, by the way.

Awesomeness! Good job! How's Bundulate's sprite coming?

It's actually done! I'm putting together a little Fakemon Card style image that would show the sprites for everyone in the roster, so you'll see it soon (hopefully).

Did my pokemon get kicked out?

Nope, I would dare do that to your awesome guitar Pokemon.
Did my pokemon get kicked out?

Nope, I wouldn't dare do that to your awesome guitar Pokemon.

Ok good, do I need to do more for the game to be listed as a dev? :P
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Did my pokemon get kicked out?

Nope, I wouldn't dare do that to your awesome guitar Pokemon.
Ok good, do I need to do more for the game to be listed as a dev? :P

Lol. It's up to you. You can check the blog post I made to see if you want to help out in mapping/animations or whatnot.
‘Bout time! I was wondering when you were going to make a game page for this.

I haven’t played a traditionalized Pokeymons game since the good ol’ days of Silver and Gold for the Gameboy Color many, many moons ago, so I wouldn’t mind playing something like this whenever you manage to fully complete it. I know it isn’t technically the same, but it’s still a Pokeymons game, god damn it – and I wantz to play!

I shall be giving this a subscribe and lurking around the tall grass for now.