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This game is an entry for the Fundamental RPGology Contest!

Play as a RPGology student and take the challenges in the little meadow you live in order to become a Bachelor RPGologist!

You will have to master some new ideas about RPG battles including functional damage over time, physics laws involved in battles and multidimensional parameters to unlock skills!

Will you be able to solve the puzzles? OFF COURSE YOU WILL!!! That's why you should check it out now! Go for it and good luck with the Boss Rush!

Special features
  • Functional damage over time.

  • Optic laws.

  • Simple elemental system featuring the most popular magic elements!

  • Unique non-elemental skills contributed by RMN community!

  • Multidimensional skill unlocking.

  • Featuring Brian as main character. Featuring G. Cerati in the main theme and other special guests.

  • Featuring RTP graphics most of the time. Featuring some orginal drawings and improvised animations.

  • Boss Rush mode for extra difficulty.

Game Data Sheet
RPG Maker 2003 RTP

Music and Sounds:
RPG Maker 2003 RTP
La excepcion - Gustavo Cerati
Cha-la head cha-la - Hironobu Kageyama

Game Design:


Special contributors:
GreatRed Spirit

General contributors:
All the participants in the forum topic "Consistent Magic Systems" and the poll "Your favourite magic element!".

I greatly appreciate feedback, so you are welcome to write, review or whatever. This game is an entry for a contest and is for demostrative purposes. It has no story, dungeons or 80+ hours of sidequests, but I hope you will enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed developing it.

Contest Update:
The constest is now over and the veredict has already been said. This entry didn't made it to the podium, but all the comments were rich enough to give me advice, good direction, interesting ideas, support. So making this entry was REALLY worthwhile!
I would like to give special thanks here to "post production" contributors, whose ideas will surely be reflected in next games:
Yellow Magic

Thank you all very much!

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Game Update 1:
Excuse me everybody. I'm now correcting even MORE spelling mistakes and rebalancing some fights. For those who are thinking to download the game now a new better version will be soon available. Thank you!
Guardian of the Description Thread
I downloaded this before the update, but, here's a few thoughts:

It's interesting that the magic tutorial with Alamanda was the easiest to understand, but I fail to see how it's possible to win. Though, I never did quite unlock any of her "Unleash" techniques (yet managed to unlock the level-4 BOLK skill, and the enemy that was weak against BOLK before she fell victim to the attacks), so, I wasn't too sure what was up with that.

With Seiken Densetsu, his lines kinda started to blur together about the exact conditions under which the attacks would get stronger. Though, I can understand what you might be going for in respect to "Logarithmic" growth (Each "step" being X times more powerful than the last, but the amount of space between "steps" increases) and "Exponential" growth (where it's X^step), at least.

Pry/Chryst's tutorial kinda sounded like a bend-the-light-puzzle mechanic (I know what I'm talking about, but, I'm sure this isn't the phrase I'm looking for) that wasn't even about fighting dudes. I probably should have known better, though, as seeing the battle-options just caused a huge question mark over my head, realizing I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing for this fight.

However, I totally appreciate Alamanda's fourth-wall breaking banter and the references Seiken makes!
Game Update 2:
At least, after some time working on it and attending Marrend's thoughts (which where very constructive, thank you) the new better version (v1.2) is now available. Enjoy!

Marrend, you may want to see this:
About Almadana, I've tested her again and even in your version for the easy battle you may defeat the enemies one by one using the most effective magic against them without Unleash spells. Even so, I made it easier (more HP) so that the player can explore without dying. For the Boss Rush mode, this may be an imposible strategy. To unlock the unleash spells you may need to build up affinity for at least two elements. So, keeping with only one kind of element may not unlock them.

About Seiken and Pry/Chryst... yes the tutorial was a little messy! And the brothers battle wasn't that intuitive (and less if maybe the player is not familiar with optics). I organized it and expect it to be a better explanation.

Thank you very much for your comments. They were very constructive!
Game Update 3:
A new version (v1.3) is now available. I just added a few lines in Chryst&Pry and Almadana EASY battles, to clarify the system behind the battles. Enjoy!
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
I tried to run this, but it doesn't seem to work without the RTP...
author=Yellow Magic
I tried to run this, but it doesn't seem to work without the RTP...

Does it tell you there are missing files? I uploaded this with the RTP inside the folders so that it could run on it's own, and others haven't reported problems... Do you know a way to solve this?

Please let me know so that I can upload a functional game. Thanks!

Edit: I just made an installation in my PC. I uninstalled the Rm2k3 then installed and tried to run the game. First time I tried to run it didn't worked (it hadn't recognized the RTP); but second time it worked perfectly. Maybe that also works for you?
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Sorry I missed your reply! Didn't see it come up in my Notices...

Did you follow all the steps in this tutorial?
author=Yellow Magic
Sorry I missed your reply! Didn't see it come up in my Notices...

Did you follow all the steps in this tutorial?

Wooo!!! I hadn't read that! I knew most of it but two important points I didn't knew about them. I will upload it with the changes of that tutorial so that my game can be used for all!

Thank you very much again Yellow Magic!

Edit: I have some other PCs that are non-RM related, so I'll try installing on them, and then when I find it works, I'll upload the new version. Thanks for the patience!

Edit2: It's me again. I'll just upload the folder with everything on it. I gave it a shoot in my parents PC from a USB drive and worked perfectly. Even so, please tell me if the problem persists or if it finally worked.

Edit3: I just updated everything again, finally in a functional way according to the test I run in my parent's PC. Did it worked for you?
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Thanks Treason, it works now! I'm playing right now and hopefully will be able to post some thoughts as well.
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Hope no one minds me double-posting, but here are my thoughts which HOLY DISCLAIMER BATMAN should be taken with a pinch of salt at all times:

1. Seiken: I can see where you were going with this idea, but:
- I wouldn't be interested in a regular-use battle system where one simply has to choose the correct attack and then use it repeatedly. To build upon this idea, I would suggest being able to choose a damage infliction strategy (like, Exponential Strategy or Logarithmic Strategy, etc.), and then letting the player choose skills as they please, inflicting damage as per the chosen strategy.
- The enemies didn't seem like they had any discernible patterns or special attacks beyond inflicting major damage after X amount of turns. I'll assume that wasn't the focus? Maybe you could think about enemies themselves utilising various damage functions as well?

2. Alamanda: IMO, nice and simple, but the balancing could use a bit of work - The Unleash attacks were always going to inflict more damage than the elemental ones, so it ultimately my choice of elemental attacks on each enemy didn't really make a difference as long as I reached the affinity threshold for an Unleash attack.

All-in-all, a solid idea that may have a lot of potential if combined with the Seiken battle system.

3. The Light Brothers: I'm gonna be honest here: I'm still not sure what the aim of the battle was (beyond the fact that it seemed I only had control over the players' HP. Was I supposed to keep a certain HP threshold for a certain amount of turns or something?)

4. Boss Rush: I didn't play much of this as it seemed to be the same as Seiken, or was there something I missed?

Good luck for the contest! :D
Nope, I think nobody minds about double posting here, so no problem.

I really appreciate your comments! Here are some answers about them:

1. Yeah, you are right. If the enemy always remains the same it's a pretty dull system. But if, say for example, you have to break an enemy's armor, then drain a lot of its HP and after that put it to sleep as it goes in HARDCORE KILLER MODE, so that you have to soflty harm it to death (That sounds... ok, whatever) then different DOT may be useful.

2. Thank you!

3. Oh men, I want to cry jeje. I've not been able to clearly specify what to do in this battle. Basically you are supposed to shoot light, bending it with the lenses. So different lenses can hit or heal the players or the enemies. The idea is to eliminate both enemies by reflecting their light, or using Chryst light to do so. Any suggestions here?

4. Harder and without help versions of the battles before. You can go, for example, straight forward with Almadana, but if you don't use strategic affinity raising in the boss rush you won't be able to make it.

Thank you again for the willingness to help!
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Sorry, I keep missing all of these posts! Maybe the Notices system could use some work ;D

Regarding number 3: While I can understand what you were going for now, I can't say I have any further suggestions beyond putting a bit more effort into the explanation behind the concept, were you to implement this in an actual game. It'd make a pretty cool one-off fight, that's for sure.
I found them all more complicated than need be. But the tutorials (especially for 3!) were kind of lacking.

The different dot effects are interesting, but it comes down to "find the weakness" and spam that attack, then find appropriate attack for the next enemy. In that sense, it's more like elemental weaknesses x dots.

The mage battle was ... well, yeah, you charge stuff and hit weaknesses. Simple, but already well-employed and well-known. I agree with Yellow Magic here - as long a you got your Unleash attacks, nothing else mattered. That's also why your magic is more of a stepping stone .. and you choose it based on how to get 4 4 4, then kill what is left with their weakness.

The lightbattle was weak in numerous points, the tutorial didn't say anything about what you did. Also neglected to mention that you keep a certain lense equipped - yes, I noticed the picture only later on.
But to make it short - you do an incredible amount of useless, complicated planning with very unintuitive names in order to ... deal damage to one or multiple enemies.
That's like the opposite of what you wanna have. Achieving the same (or perhaps less) than what we're used to, but in a much more complicated procedure. No real tactic to deploy, either.

Also, the healing did not work. I got a different light effect, but no healing.

Thank you very much for yout comments. I know there are a lot of things to improve, and that I probably could have done better (time to start learning programming for more freedom, really!)

I recognize that the implementation of the ideas is quite poor, but as the contest was about the ideas itself I tried to showcase that, just the plain ideas. Now I realize even more of my mistakes, but the experiment was still cool, and getting feedback gets me better everyday, right?

author=Yellow Magic
...were you to implement this in an actual game. It'd make a pretty cool one-off fight, that's for sure.

I had thought about it very vaguely... but after you said it I think that now I have the events and so... It would be pretty easy and fun game... don't have to be long, and I can redeem myself of what I done wrong in this entry! Wait for it now. I'll start working on it soon! Thanks Yellow Magic!
A guy is selling this game without your consent on Steam, you need to file a DMCA.

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