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This is an entry for the Fundamental RPGology event.
This is not a full length RPG. This is simply a battle system that I managed to dig out of my mind. The battle system is left open. So you can look into how I made this, if you so desire.

Being a bare-bones project, this isn't something that I expect you to enjoy. Rather, this is something that I expect you to build upon.

  • 'Strategy' Selection
  • Skill Equipment System
  • Cooldowns, Warm-ups, and Limited Uses for Skills
  • And other cool shenanigans that I might have forgotten about

VM of DT

Script Edits:

And everyone who lives here on RMN.

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Guardian of the Description Thread
Played around with this a bit. I'm not sure what the benefit of acting twice with the "Agile" tactic is yet. I figured that the best use would be to use a regular skill, and follow up with the "Wait" command/item, thinking that this would decrement the cooldown of the skill I just used. To say the least, it doesn't work that way. I dunno. I could merely be experimenting with this at the wrong fight (Aoi).

Side notes:

I found equipping triple Flame Burst for the skeleton fight somewhat humorous.

That cow-that-becomes-God in the Debug map? Okay, it's a debug map, and weird stuff can happen there. The Game Over is kinda over-the-top, though. I dunno. I can see a certain charm to it, but, at the same time, it kinda comes off as, I dunno, kinda dumb at the same time? That's not quite the right words I wanted to use. Whatever concept I'm trying to relay with this thought isn't coming to me.
This is actually a very cool battle system. It's pretty hard to balance a one-man battle system but I think this does it quite well.

I wounder if messing with the Agile stat could lead to a Bravely Default styled battle though...
Thanks for trying it guys :D

As for the Agile strat, the way I do it is to use chram/curse and then follow up with flameburst. Well, what I am saying is that acting twice allows you to have the turn your supposed to have later, now. Effectively, you get to act more. Though cooldowns and hp can be a problem.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Hrm. Might have to check that out. Though, charm/curse only has three uses per battle. Against an enemy that buffs itself (to cancel curse), or debuffs you (to cancel charm), I can imagine running out of charges very quickly! At which point, you may find yourself stuck with "Wait"ing for your regular skills to cooldown anyway.

All very theoretical thinking at this juncture, though.
Which is why I allowed the player to equip multiple instances of the same skill, so they'll be able to work around dem cooldowns and limited uses:D

Personally, I've made several fighting styles myself using combinations of skills and strats. It's a pretty simple system that can branch out as far as you like. Or at least, that was my main goal...
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Just played this! My thoughts (which, DISCLAIMER ALERT, should be taken with a grain of salt as they may or may not hold any water):

- I liked the ability to basically create my own play style. A lot of RPGs shoehorn characters into predefined roles (my own included LOL) straight off the bat, so this was a nice change!

- The entire system was simple to understand, including the variety of strategies/skills and the battle tips - really grateful for that.

- I might have missed it, but I didn't see any details (i.e. numbers) on the Warm-up time for the Master skills.

- I'm gonna be honest: I just equipped Flame Burst x3 and spammed the skill, changing my strategy simply because I was forced to, and that got me through the entire game. It might be good to work on the balance in the future.

- With regards to the limited uses for buff/debuff skills, although like I said I didn't actually have to use those skills in the end, but I couldn't see the skills being used differently in the battles presented in the game, as they were short to begin with. An interesting idea though, definitely.

- With only damage dealing and buffs and debuffs of three stats, there wasn't a whole lot of room for innovation in terms of enemy skills. To be honest, this is only a worry if the battle system is extended, but should be considered nonetheless.

- Overall, a solid idea with a lot of potential in terms of customisability and diversity! Just needs a bit of balancing, and it just might be fit for future use.

Best of luck for the contest!
Thanks Yellow Magic!

The balancing part was a bit rushed, I have to admit. I just had to finish it that day, when I was still (somewhat) in the right mind. It's just that I was getting tired, and all. Sorry about that, I'll work on it in the future.

Though if this system is to be applied to games, I'm going to suggest even more skills (for the player). Skills like Cooldown changers, Healing Spells, and whatnot. And of course, better balancing.

The battles can be made longer, if I increased the HP of both sides. But as I wanted to just showcase the battle system, I made it as streamlined as manageable.

A-about the warm-ups...
Sorry! I forgot to put them in the description >.<
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