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Ultimate Decision is a classic RPG that tells a story about a young boy named Dillon. This young boy has a best friend named Dartz who had a dream since a kid to become a mercenary. One day, for an unknown reason, a black robed man plotted to kidnap Dartz, and succeeded. A tragedy occurred in the town, and Dartz has been taken away from Dillon.

Since that day, Dillon has renewed his resolution, despite his distaste for fighting. He has trained hard to become a mercenary to rescue his best friend. But he'll face many hardships, and one wrong decision can ruin his plan to save his friend. Can you help him? Help this young boy to make the right decision and help his childhood friend

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Ultimate Decision Demo Uploaded

Hello all,

I've uploaded this game demo just a moment ago. This demo is just a prologue part of the Ultimate Decision. My purpose for uploading this is so you have an idea what kind of game is this. In the future, i won't upload each part of the game one by one. Next time i upload this game will be Ultimate Decision Final Version.

I know it'll takes a lot of time to complete this game, because i am doing this by myself and i'm not a jobless person, so i have other things to do too. But one thing for sure, i'll finish this game. Because all of you is my motivation for creating this game. So, if you like this game, i hope you will wait patiently.

I know this demo just show a little part of the game. But, please give me some good responses, ideas, and even some criticisms too. I'll accept it happily so i can make this game better for the Final Version.

Thank you all, i really hope you'll enjoy this game
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  • dillon_stefany
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  • 08/12/2014 07:08 PM
  • 09/22/2014 05:02 PM
  • 12/01/2014
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I've been looking for a game with this type of concept for years! Subscribed. Will you be in need of any testers any time soon?
Thank you Kleron for your response. I'm really happy because you like this kind of concept that i'm thinking of. Yes, this game has so many possibilities, so i'll need many testers. But maybe it's not too soon, because i'm doing this game by myself.
Do you want to be a tester?
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