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A Good Prologue

This game is incredibly plot heavy. The game seems to be mostly talking, but that would depend on how much trouble you are having with the puzzles or navigating. It often does not give you notice on what you need to pick up, who you need to talk to, or exactly where you need to navigate to.
You see, this game implements a very minimal parkour system where you need to jump or climb to get over some obstacles. This system fails because it is incredibly difficult to distinguish where the you need to go. Sometimes you need items to progress to, which can make it more difficult. Did I miss something or am I just not finding the exact right spot needed to move on? Couldn't this be easily fixed? Besides this, the rest of the gameplay is pretty good, but is completely writer-led.
There isn't any real need for grinding or anything and the combat itself is just around typical. There are some RPG elements with random encounters, but these seem tacked on and of limited use. The game itself revolves almost entirely around talking to people.
If so much of the game is invested in the story, how is the story?
Well, you've got two main characters that are introduced and a lot of minor characters. I am not sure of all the character's motivations, but I assume that will be explained in later installments. The story isn't heavily cliched and it reveals the existence of some mysterious that will hopefully be solved later.
One more thing, the music is generally very nice.

Overall, I think that this worthwhile to play. It isn't excellent, but it's well above average. It could certainly be improved. I hope the next chapter will show improvement.