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Allan is a young man that, after encountering a mysterious entity called Zu, submitted himself to explore his world, willing to fulfill a personal objective. In this new world formed by memories that seems to be a merging of dreams and nightmares, Allan must find his way by exploring hostile lands and interacting with odd and bizarre beings.

Gameplay Features
Spiritual Evolution
  • A Skill Tree accessible through the main menu, where it is possible to learn 12 different abilities divided on the categories Astral (AP) and Energetic (EP).

Lyre of Lament
  • A tool used to open sealed passageways and interact with the ambient through marks on the floor. To use the Lyre (when available) you must press the S Key. To play it use the Directional and Z keys.

  • A method to obtain items that aren't easily found. On the Alchemy (or crafting) you use special items of the category "Ingredients", which when combined results in more powerful and efficient items. Ingredients are obtained through chests or defeating enemies.

About the Project
Zu is an RPG game with few Puzzle elements, originally developed in 30 days for the event "Make a Game, Win a Game" on the beginning of 2013. This event was inspired by the "RPG Maker VX Ace Lite Cook Off", meaning the game was originally made on RPG Maker VX Ace Lite and following the correspondent limitations.

Latest Blog

About Help, Translation and Thanks

First of all, thank you guys so much for all the support I've been receiving. All your comments, compliments, criticism and media are very appreciated. I'm also very thankful to the RMN staff for the spot on the front page, this means a lot!

About the English Translation
So, the main thing everyone has been talking is about the translation mistakes, and I really apologize for that. It's not a big excuse, but I barely did the translation in 2 nights after almost a year postponing, and the anxiety and lack of time made me publish the game without even sending it to someone else to test first. That was a mistake. I also have to admit that it was a bit hard to translate the text due to the personality and articulation of most characters, something that is a very important part of the experience. Sadly this probably ended up a bit compromised.

I'm not used to ask for help, but this is a case where it is really needed. So I ask:
If someone have the time and interest on revise the game's text and providing me with a better english translation, please let me know!

German Translation
Still talking about translations, I'm adding a download for the German version provided by NoJoker, with all text and images translated. Took me a while to get the things together because I've been busy, but it's finally there. Again, I really appreciate all the dedication, no words to thank you enough!

That's it for now. I'm looking forward to your feedback of any kind, feel free to ask anything in case of doubt.
  • Completed
  • Cronus
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 08/18/2014 02:36 AM
  • 03/05/2018 08:44 PM
  • 03/31/2013
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Game looks great,cant wait to try it.

Btw for anybody looking for the download you can find it here.

Thanks for the comments!
I just added the download links on the game's profile.
Whoah this looks pretty.
This game is awesome! Would you like to have a German translation? I'm a professional German translator and I've translated more than 45 video games. I'm sure German people will enjoy this game, too! :)
This looks really good! I'm gonna try it right now! ^^
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
im ready for a full text/video walkthru, i spent 1 hour or more re checking areas and cant figure out what im supposed to do to continue the game : (
i really hate asking but
at a certain point where you have done everything you can think of
its that time : (
Thanks for the comments guys!

NoJoker: That would be really nice of you! If you are willing to do it we can talk about it, thanks for your kind offer.

shayoko: Lots of people were stuck too, don't be afraid of aksking! Have you tried to look at the FAQ? If you are REALLY stuck I can give you a tip through PM.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Not all the dialog and menu items are translated.
BurningTyger: Could you be more specific? I revised the game twice to make sure that at least all the menus were translated. If you are willing to help me to revise everything (including misspelling), I would be very thankful as no one offered to help with that yet. Thank you!
(looks like my message was posted twice because of host problems)
Hi. It's my first post on this site.

I like this game, it has an interesting imagery and hints at some intriguing ideas. I am looking forward to learn where the plot goes.

The artwork is pretty nice, and I really like the carnival masks.

The RPG elements are pretty meh, though. I've explored two locations and already learned all skills. The fights are pretty standard, and without new skills to look forward to, they can't really hold my interest.

The item allowing you to avoid random encounters is good, but now I fear that I would miss on necessary grinding. Plus it's not a good idea to encourage players to avoid parts of your game.

It was addressed in the FAQ, though, and it's good to know that the developer is aware of the problems.

That said, I have a problem: I am stuck. I explored the lake and the location to the west, learned two songs, opened two doors in the Ruins. However, I don't know what I should do to open any other doors or advance the game in some other way.

I would appreciate a solution or a hint.

Thanks in advance.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
welcome to the se... i mean amazing community!

but as a friendly request hide spoilers so others dont have there experienced ruined
like this

you can do this by clicking on the symbol with the red line over it top right of the text box
but as a friendly request hide spoilers so others dont have there experienced ruined

Thanks for advice. Done. Should I hide more information? I am not clear on the spoiler policy on this site.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Above comment reply

that would vary per person.
theres just a lot of people that would say anything
so i personally don't read comments until i finish a game
but i worry for others
who haven't learned :3

nothing you said was probably a real spoiler
which would essentially be story events

was mostly just letting you know for future reference
hope you enjoy the game as well,its pretty good :3

Random thoughts

-Beautiful start! omg!

-Request character descriptions in the profile :3
lore makes games better!

-the crazy wording aside,some words defiantly are wrong XD have>has serves>serve

-Vampirism >absorbs is wrong

-sleeping man>prison is wrong

-so many grammar mistakes,not even gonna specify!

-THANK YOU for giving us a accessory that cancels
random encounters!!!

-Crafting has got to be the worst part of this game,slow ineffective and almost unnecessary

-those menu sounds are so from zelda XD

-:O mad thanks for adding "that" to the game :3 don't want to spoil it :3

-nice use of puzzle solving

-epic but slightly long final battle

-sad ending : (


Was a great game,is there a alternate ending tho(doubt it cant think of anything else to do)

The Terrain,music,battle sprites and atmosphere are all beautiful
with the alchemy being the only thing i did not like about the game
compared to others its use was acceptable just slow...(can only do things 1 at a time! would be better if was a list that just said what parts you need and how many you want to make

i don't think it was explained what exactly happened to the girl in the story
the player does not really need to know the specifics but you can get a idea from some of the dialog

i think some symbols should glow or be a lighter color or something to make them more visible
otherwise great game
depending on how it takes you to figure out what to do...
you can probably beat it in ...under say 2 hours

believe it or not that's just average/little from me :3
anyway had fun will probably do a playthru skipping some things
have a great day : D

not sure why but the final boss had A lot less life in a second playthru!
does he scale or something?
I'm finished with the German translation, and I sent you a PM. Looking forward to more games from you! :)
This is very pretty, but unfortunately the translation is too wonky for me to make sense of what's going on.
Dude, i can't believe there is a PT-BR translation! Like, i tought there would be more chances of having German or French than Brazilian Portuguese! At first I was all like: I think... I'm gonna...Download... But now I'm all like: FUCKING WORK STUPID INTERNET, I WANT TO PLAY THAT (not from portugal) PORTUGUESE GAME!!!

Como dizia o jovem mestre Shi-Fu: Águias não saltam de costas quando o Programa do Ratinho está passando.
So I just beat it
and look like it ends after a boss fight
First of all, sorry for the delay to answer and thank you very much for all the support.

ilhousen: Thank you so much for your thoughts. I don't know if you are still stuck or planning to play, but if you want to I can give you some advice on how to proceed.

shayoko: Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it and managed to finish it even with all the imperfections that you mentioned (with reason). Also, thank you for the video footage you recorded. Ah, and I love Zelda but the Menu sounds were made by myself, haha.

NoJoker: I don't even know how to thank you enough! I'm planning to post the revised German version today, sorry for the delay and thank you again for your effort.

argh: Sorry for that, looks like it's the main complaint about the english version. I plan to give some thought about this issue later, but I'm willing to get someone to help me with all the mistakes.

OkamiGalaxy: I hope you like it! It has been years that I'm making RM stuff but I never had enough time/dedication to show them outside the national communities, so this is my first time, I think. Valeu pelo comentário!

JoelMB12: Yes, after this Boss fight you get an item and must place it on the right spot to achieve the ending sequence. Thank you for playing!

Again, thank you all for the comments and positive feedback/criticism. I apologize for the bad translation, I actually barely did it in 2 nights and I didn't had time and patience enough to send it to other people before posting, and this was a huge mistake. If someone is interested on helping with a revision, please contact me and I can provide anything is needed. Thanks in advance!
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