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  • cradth
  • 08/22/2014 04:54 AM


The Battle System is quite simple, follow these steps :
1. Set up 3 cards by open up Menu Screen.
2. Find the enemy.
3. The cards will fight each other automatically.
4. The cards will use its Attack Point
andSkill to reduce enemy's Life Point.
5. The winner is the one who eliminate all cards first.


Each card has one unique skill to battle with.
Set your deck and combine the skills between 3 cards
to beat enemy.
Note that, several cards like Items Card are useful
when these cards pass down its skill to the next card
after defeated/incapacitated.


There are 5 Card Types :
Attacker(Red Orb),
Defender(Blue Orb),
Trickster(Green Orb),
Items(Yellow Orb),
Special(Purple Orb).

These Card Types will get Attack Bonus by this rule:
Attacker is strong against -> Trickster
Trickster is strong against -> Defender
Defender is strong against -> Attacker
Items is strong against -> Items
Special is strong against -> Special


The rule will decide your authority in using the cards.
Collect bounties by defeating enemies and raise your rank
to gain access to higher rate cards.

(Rank)--------------(Cards Rate)
Newbie = 1 Star - 3 Stars
Rookie = 1 Star - 4 Stars
Wanted = 1 Star - 5 Stars
Supernova = 1 Star - 6 Stars
Warlord = 1 Star - 7 Stars
Emperor = 1 Star - 12 Special Cards
Pirate King = All Cards

If you find it's too hard to win the battle,
don't hesitate to try the CONQUEST MODE and collect
stronger cards by your might and luck...!