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Story Line
After the Sword Art Online incident, and the fall of Alfhiem Online, The Seed was spread throughout the world by an unknown person who believed that he/she is a companion of the creator. The Seed is a program that can make virtual reality games. Because of that program, Sword Art Online was reborn and renamed as New Aincrad. This game was somehow popular because it was just like the SAO except it's users will not die in actual reality. Unfortunately, because of this game, players takes it seriously and willing do anything to other players. Such as killing them in actual reality. You will be protagonist who seeks a solution on how to stop this problem.

To do this, players will find themselves clearing 100 floors, each one having a unique boss which is required to beat in order to proceed to the next floor. Some of the floors have unique theme.


This game is a 2D RPG game made in RPG VX Ace. The battle system is standard first-person mode, modified with the YEA-Input Combo Script. While it might not be in the current demo, the intention is to have a parkour system and have puzzles in the game revolve around that.

Beta 1.0
First version
Beta 1.1
Fixed bugs on 1.0
Added 2 classes.
Fixed some Parameters of the monsters

Special Thanks to Marrend who edited my Description!!

Updates will be Monthly since I am the only one who is working in this project (the other 2 resigned)

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The combo system was pretty cool. I hope though for the sake of the game in the future. You add a class selector. If I can't play as a healer, then you can bet that I'm going with a great sword. Once I looked at the stats of my character. I noticed that my class says single handed. I assume it cause its a demo, and the other classes will come later on.

I tried using the katana, but they won't let you use the combos if you do.

The exp is set way too high. in 5 minutes of playing I became level 10. not that the stats feel relevant mind you. Only your hp is noticeable...

Instead of making my TP start at 0. Why not make it at 50? That way I don't come in to battle with the mindset of. Mash Z to win.

The environments look rather nice, and monster drops seems really close as to what an MMO would give you.

And this next part is most likely going to generate some negativity, but I want to make my self clear before you read it. This is my opinion. It's not fact, and in no way should it be taken as such. These are just some of the concerns I have of the game.

Did it really have to be SAO? I've seen three projects go into hiatus, because its a title that's WAY too massive to be met. I get that it's "New Aincrad", but it's SAO all the same...

Unless you do some floor skipping, or cut corners on mapping. We're looking at about 1000-2000 maps. including the floor, the dungeon of said floor, and towns, and if your story takes the player out side of the game, because of murder scenes, and meetings with friends.

Not to mention creating combos for the different weapons. The lack of variety in actions, because there's no spells, and lack of engaging combat. Most likely having to resort to weapon type weaknesses, and not to mention items will be the only way to heal. Which is ambitious, but tedious none the less.

Having to create monsters, and stats accordingly to the floor will be a pain, and most likely to be the most time consuming property of the game. Changing the hue of the monsters will no doubt be the easier option, but with 100 floors. that's a lot of monsters. Even if you put 3 monsters per floor, and 3 others per dungeon, and the bosses them selves. We're looking at 700 different monsters. even Square Enix would say forget that, and proceed to ruin my favorite franchise. Q_Q

I see a lot of issues, and depending on the size of your team. We're looking at 2-4 years of production, and that's being generous.
Thank you for supporting!! Btw you can change class but you have to discover how to do it!! and you also need to discover how to use combo on katana (it will be release in the future btw hahaha) sorry for all the troubles in my game but Thank you for playing it.

and also
YES it is Sao but different storyline and also this is a different game so I dont basically need to copy the boss and something like that!

I hope you will continue supporting my game. I will never leave this project even though Only me and my 2 friends are working on it.
Then I'll be glad to come back from time to time to see the new features you'll add. I can't say I'm a big fan of SAO, but the combat system is what really intrigues me.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i love anime but the show is debatable
as for the game
battle system not my thing,im lazy and worse would have to play in windowed to do it
the story's pretty wack XD
its legit with the main s1 story up until seed which was

-actually released by the main character and his friend
-also people dying was a lie o.o so there no difference XD
^further were the player XD
-further how would they find the people in real life?(i wont question why they do it,its already realistic no matter what you say)

When I downloaded the game to try it, I extracted it to a spot, Once I opened the file all the content were not there? Is this a bug?
OK i fixed it my PC couldn't find it, doesn't matter, well awesome game :3
BUT in the first town the weapon / armor market person only sells weapons also i think the get potion quest doesn't actually remove the potion from your inventory
- also not sure if this is meant to be but in building you can grab an infinite number of potions from cabinets / bookshelves
- last thing how do you proceed in the castle because i flicked the first lever and then i'm stuck

Thank you for reporting to me the bugs :3 I will fix it next update
This is kind of a lost cause as there already is a SAO rpgmaker game
Its called "Sword Art Online: Eternal World"
They have already made progress up to the 9th floor and are still going.
But this game it still good :3
Hahaha I know that game already and I actually don't mind them :3...... I just want to finish this game.....

btw if you like to help me making this game then I will be glad :3
wait what really? i'd be glad to help :3
my strengths is that i'm really good at making the scripting for the AI's
my weakness is my spelling...
i'm also somewhat good at map designing

Thank you!!! Btw please add me in fb so that we can communicate easily

As much as I like to see dedication towards a project. My previous statements are still valid points.

There is WAY too much on your plate here. You could recruit an entire team, and would still go about it the wrong way. The combat is stale. The exp is set way too high. Lack of decent abilities cause the Z key to be mashed. The mapping is iffy, and I know for a fact a project of this size would require an extensive staff, and proper planning.

This looks like a spur of the moment project where someone will lose interest in working on it. It's just too time consuming of a project, and it requires a revamp for the game to actually be enjoyable.
I am completely stuck at the passcode in the castle, ;-;
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