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No Gold for Brigands is on sale!

Download No Gold for Brigands version 2.2 (AKA the Spelling Bee edition) now and get the second download for half the price of the first.


+Spelling Fixes.
+"S" in Save is now upper case.
+PiNG will not crash.
+PiNG games are not so long.
+Text is not jumbled up in Fishing.
+No space between Busts and Text Window.
+Gold Hud hides during text.
+Animated Torches.
+Added Wall to well.
+File is not encrypted.

Version 1.0 - Original Download.

Version 2.0 - Not encrypted, Download with some fixes, only available in blog/locker.

Version 2.1 - More spelling fixes, RTP included. only available at Game Jolt.

Version 2.2 - Minor changes, no RTP. RMN version.