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Sacred Reviews: With Sprinkles


"With Sprinles" is a short game created by Soihylmz based on an abandoned web comic whose existence boils down to a single page. The game was created with RPG Maker 2003 which is the main reason the game takes somewhere between 15 to 20 minutes to complete instead of ten or less. This is because there isn't a run button in RPG Maker 2003. So you can't just quickly speed around the maps in search of people or objects you need to interact with.


You play as Vanilla, a man who definitely isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, and get asked by one your siblings I think to go on a quest to fetch cooking supplies for a cake as well as deliver invites to a special event. A special event that is all about you. Even though you don't know why.

Albeit it is harder than necessary to follow the story since the color of the text boxes and the color of the dialogue sometimes blend together.

To make matters worse some of the dialogue is a bit nonsensical, but I'm guessing Soihylmz isn't a native English speaker. And I've made so many grammatical, syntax, and spelling errors while writing reviews for this site that I'm basically chucking rocks at my own glass house by bringing this up.


You simply walk around and interact with people and objects in a bid to hand out the party invites you were given as well as get some much needed eggs, milk, and balloons. As you can imagine a task this simple really isn't that difficult to complete. Albeit the game does make this slightly more annoying by requiring the player to do events in a certain order.

An example of this is that the store doesn't open up until you've completed a few other tasks first. Admittedly some people like this aspect of the game, but I heavily dislike it since it feels like it takes forever to get anywhere in this game.

I suppose I've just been spoiled by being able to run in so many games now a days, but being made to search a map while only being able to walk feels like torture now a days.


The game features a lot of original art assets that are meant to look cute and innocent. So much so that just looking at all of the bright pastel colors make me wonder if these characters were created while on an insane sugar high. Though, I suppose that would be appropriate considering the characters are based on flavors of ice cream.

As for more specific complaints the main character's house is a bit confusing to navigate and does feature a minor mapping error. The developer forgot to make certain spots in the main character's room impassable. So it's possible to go wandering through the blackness and exit your room in a way that feels like you should be entering it.

I also find the layout of the main character's house a bit confusing to navigate as well. And question why I can't enter the downtown area via the sidewalk. Instead you need to enter the shopping area by walking on the road. I guess, I'm not an ice cream kid, but an ice cream car that looks like a kid. Which means I'm really a transformer. Who knew the Autobots were getting so desperate they would make ice cream themed Transformers to stay relevant. At least that's how it feels.

And I feel like the lengthy road you need to walk down to get downtown could be shortened quite a bit since a lot of the houses feature empty yards with no one to interact with. I suppose some would argue the empty houses the player walks past are meant to make the world feel more real since you'll probably need to walk past a few houses to get downtown in the real world, but a good rule of thumb in my opinion is you should keep the amount of objects that exist for the sake of filling up space in a game to a minimum. After all, brevity is the soul of wit. At least according to William Shakespeare.


On one hand the background music that plays in this game is very happy and go lucky. On the other hand it quickly gets annoying and makes me wish the game didn't even have any music like "Leave the Room" or "Temple Eclipse".


On the plus side the game definitely looks unique, but the map design and inability to run in this engine means the game feels like it's unnecessarily dragged out to being a twenty minute experience than being a game that should take twenty minutes to complete. As such, I really don't like this game since the slow pacing really grates on my nerves. As such I really don't recommend playing this one, but if your looking for a cute, casual game that moves at a slower pace this might be a good pick. I just tend to prefer games this slow to also include turn-based tactical battles like "Fire Emblem".