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What Is This Game?

Fire Department is a sort of "sim fire department" game.

I recently visited a friend who showed me the super-old game Theme Hospital, which definitely inspired me when making Fire Department.

In it, you hire firefighters, equip them, and then respond to calls. Sometimes, in addition to fighting fires, there are civilians or animals to save, or barriers to break through.

Why Is This Game?

This game was made for the August 2014 #1GAM challenge! I only found out about the #1GAM challenge during the last week of the month, but I REALLY WANTED TO PARTICIPATE, so I threw this thing together as quick as I could.

I didn't get as much done as I'd like, but I think this is a fantastic proof-of-concept, and what's there IS complete, and hopefully fun!

(To be honest, I could have done more, but I was feeling kinda' stressed from work, and found myself wanting to play Civ a LOT... it's a relaxing game :P)

How Do I Play This Game?

Fire Department was made using RPG Maker VX Ace; if you've ever played a game made using this tool, the graphics and controls will all be pretty familiar to you.

I've tried to explain the controls whenever I thought they might not be intuitive, but just in case, here we go:

• Move with arrows!
• Interact with ENTER!
• Back out of menus with ESC!

Some hints; things that I worry were not made as clear by the game as they could have been:

• After every mission, check to see if any new hires are available.
• Share equipment! You can only bring three people on any given mission anyway.
• People not going on a mission get fully healed, so if you swap out wounded people for healthy people between missions, your wounded will be healed so you can swap THEM in for the next mission! (make sense?)
• Sorry about the fire truck graphic >_> *cough*

Thanks For Playing This Game!

If you have any thoughts about it, I'd love to hear them! :)

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~there's no download available...
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Yes I though this looked interesting enough to have a shot, but alas no download.
sorry, I'm bad at life :P download added!
The game crashed suddenly, and a box pop up. There's some errors on the script, I forgot what line, and what error, but It was in the Game_Interpreter script. Thanks ^^
Game crashes for me at the campground level. Everytime I put out one of the fires it crashes afterwards. 'Game_Interpreter' line 1411: NoMethodError
^^same here. I tried to open it in the editor (sorry!), but I couldn't find what was causing it. Well that, and the fact that I know very little of rgss3.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
got around to this today,was a unique experience. tho the subject in particular has little to no interest to me
i enjoyed playing it for 30 or so minutes

keep up the good work!
I've got to be honest... This game is actually damn interesting.

But, there's one thing that's keep annoying me- the error part.

The game always got error every time i tried to finished the mission at the damn campground. ( Looks like i'm not the only one, phew. )

Otherwise, this game has a lot of fun potential.

Just solve the issues here and maybe your game's all set to go!
i got eror in campground script game interpreter line 1411 : no method eror ocured fix it please
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I did a bit of research on this, since I wanted to be able to continue with the game, it looks like it's a clash with Yanfly's Party System script. A few others have run across it as well. So Ben if you ever come back here that's where you need to look to fix the error. It looks like you are trying to assess the building structural integrity when there is no building for the campfire scenario.

Until then, well I may pull together a review of what I could play, since it was a bit of fun.

Edit: For anyone wanting to play this, here is how you get over the glitch. Open up the game in the editor (it's unencrypted), go to common events in the database and look for event 15 campgrounds scenario. Remove the line $world.new_building(0, 0, 4, 0, 0) from that event. Save and you can now avoid the bug. You just have to walk to the edge of the campground to exit back to the station.
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