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Live Forever as an NPC in Fortune's Tavern! Enter our competition to become a recruitable hero or villain!

At the heart of every fantasy adventure is the humble tavern. A place for heroes to rest, to listen to rumours, and to seek employment. Yet the life of the modest tavern owner goes all but unnoticed. This game changes that. In Fortune’s Tavern you take on the role of Mathias Gambridge, the new owner of a squalid inn, run down through long years of neglect. It’s up to you to restore Fortune’s Tavern to its former glory, but will you create and place of light where humans and elves will gather to sing and feast? Or will you delve into darkness and build a place worthy of the denizens of the underworld? Whichever route you choose you will get the chance to hire staff and adventurers, fund daring quests on which you can choose to tag along, and to uncover the wonders and horrors of your new home. Will you build a successful tavern? Or, like your predecessor, will you be driven into madness, poverty, and an early grave?

Game Features:

A full fantasy tavern simulator.

  • Hire staff.
    Fund quests.
    Seek out rumours.
    Deal with hauntings, bandit raids, infected deliveries, and tavern brawls.
    Create a menu and quest for new recipies.

Good/Evil alignment system that shapes every aspect of the game

  • Reactive environments change according to alignment and business acumen.
    Build ‘light’ improvements to attract elves and fairies, or ‘Dark’ improvements to attract monsters and undead.
    Walk the line of neutrality and watch unique interactions between NPC visitors.
    Reactive quest system tailors quests to suit alignment.

100s of interactive NPCs will visit your tavern.

  • Every NPC has a unique name and background.
    Some can be hired to cook, clean, and manage your tavern.
    Adventurers can be hired to undertake quests.
    NPCs can fall in love and marry.
    Heroes from different alignments can brawl.

Action RPG battle system with PvE and EvE.

  • Accompany heroes on quests and watch, or help, them destroy your enemies.
    Watch fun battles between bandits, monsters, heroes, and villains.
    Fight off bandits, monsters, or elven hunters trying to raid your tavern.
    Organise fight nights between patrons and gamble on the results.

Full story arc

  • Non-compulsory storyline that delves into the mysteries of Fortunes Tavern.
    Multiple endings depending on alignment and choices.
    Simulator continues after main quest allowing you the chance to fully upgrade your tavern.

Infinite Quests

  • Randomly generated quests allows for indefinite play.
    Fight bosses and boss monsters.
    Search dungeons.
    Solve puzzles.

Latest Blog

Competition: Live Forever as a Game Character

Win one of five chances to be immortalised in a computer game as a companion NPC. You will have a custom sprite designed just for you, and you can customise your character's race, class, and spell list. Your character will then become a regular guest at Fortune’s Tavern and will be hireable by players to join them on ARPG style quests, and to defend the tavern from faction raids.

Each winner will also receive a free copy of Fortune’s Tavern a week before the official release date.

Competition ends on the 30th of September 2014

TO ENTER: Go to our competition page and follow the instructions!

Good Luck
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