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Rian ascended to the throne not upon the death of his parents, but because they believed him more than capable to take over. They wished to spend the later years of their lives together rather than ruling the kingdom. Rian was young yet, but he had the love of his life Catherine beside him, so he was unafraid. For a few years the peace of his parents' rule continued, but a neighboring kingdom sought to test the young king. Sending their army to conquer his home, Rian knew he had to meet them on the field himself.

This is where the story begins, with Rian preparing to head out onto the battlefield and stand beside his men against the army that threatens his home. The story does not follow the war though, but only begins at its final battle, with Rian meeting the general upon the battlefield. No, the story begins after that battle and with a gift. A gift that will change Rian's life forever.

Unique Gameplay Features
- Each character will have a unique ability that benefits or hinders them in some manner in battle.
- The main character Rian for instance will have a state called Protected, wherein once his life goes below a certain point he will have a 50% chance of perfectly blocking any damage sent his way.
- Every one of these abilities has an in-game reason and story behind it that will be explored.
- Another character in the game has a Rage meter rather than TP, it fills up each time he is hit and each time he attacks an enemy. He also can use it for abilities, much like TP, but there are a number of ways it differs. For one, it carries over from battle to battle. The most important difference though, is that if for any reason he gets full Rage, he'll suddenly become uncontrollable and attack anyone, including party members.

A huge thank you to Drassray for making some custom facesets for me! They're not in the post yet, but you can see them in the video.

Credit to Recife and RainbowJello for the blood used in a couple of the scenes.

Credit to some unknown person out there for creating a cowboy hat that you won't see in the intro video or demo, but will see on a character later in the game.

Credit to Nayuki for the duster, that I edited off of a sprite and onto one of my own, that you'll see on the same character who wears the cowboy hat.

Musical credits:
Angevin Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Despair and Triumph Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Plaint Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Reign Supreme Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Teller of the Tales Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

I'm not a great artist or mapper, I'm definitely more of a scripter/coder as well as a writer. I'm hoping to be able to draw the interest of a good artist and/or mapper, but I don't want to attempt that until I can prove I'm invested in the project.

Disclaimer Part Two:
The beginning is heavily story-driven, it's a somewhat long intro as far as RPG Maker games go. You'll have some control over the character in the first few minutes, but most of it will effectively be driven forward by the story. Don't have an exact time on the intro just yet, but when I do I'll add that here.

Latest Blog

Very much a work in progress

I'm working on this game slowly but surely. I fortunately had an artist volunteer to do some facesets for me and I've become a little better at mapping and spriting than I was. (Still not great though.)

I've uploaded a very short demo that just plays through the intro of the game. It showcases the story of the game, but no gameplay elements as of yet. Apart from the fact that there is a scene in the game that will rarely ever be the same one twice.
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The sounds like a good game, but I don't know who would be willing to pay for it, unless it's really cheap. Anyway, I'll subscribe and see where this goes. Good luck with it. :)
I just finished the demo, kind of sad that it ended, at first it seemed a little generic but I was like WHOA what happened! I like where the story is going!
Thank you Drachen for subscribing, and I hope to do a lot more to improve it to make it worth paying for it. I already have a new title screen that I need to post up and will be in the next demo.

Thank you very much for trying out the demo, Huyosumi. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It'll be a while before I get another demo up since I'm going to try to get it to the point where you meet the next two characters in the game. It really helps me to hear that someone enjoyed it though. So again, thank you.
How Do You Down Load It They Never Let Me I Download It And It Will Extract It And Then It Won't Let Me Play It. :( It Exits The Thing Out It Just Disappears.
How Do You Down Load It They Never Let Me I Download It And It Will Extract It And Then It Won't Let Me Play It. :( It Exits The Thing Out It Just Disappears.

Assuming you don't change anything after it extracts, just go to your downloads folder and find the folder named ADC. Go into that folder and run the Game.exe file. If you have any other issues just let me know.
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